How To Find Small Business Owners

Are you looking for how to find small business owners to advertise your services to? If you have a product or service to advertise to small business owners there are several ways of going about finding them.

Finding Small Business Owners With Facebook Advertsing

Using the Facebook advertising platform you can specifically target small business owners in a few different ways. As you can see from the picture below which shows a section of the advert creation process in Facebook Ads power editor. If you offer a local service this is doubly powerful when used in conjunction with the local geographic targeting. There are a few categories for small business owner here – behaviors, interests and job titles. You could choose both behaviors and job titles to include in your advertisement. The category for interests might mean the person has an interest in small business ownership but doesn’t actually have one yet, or treats their small business as a hobby. You could include all the ‘small business’ categories for a wider spread or just test each one individually and see which gives the best return on investment.

how to find small business owners

Here’s a quick video on how to use the Facebook ads manager to find small business owners.

Here’s a quick video on how to use the Facebook ads manager to advertise a local business.

Finding Small Business Owners Through Google Search

If you have a local business on the internet you will have probably become the target for countless cold calls advertising well, advertising. This is another way to find small businesses. You can search for individual business types by trade and location. For example try typing in your city and “painter and decorator”, or “York Plasterers”. You will get a list of small business owners who advertise their plastering or painting and decorating services. You can do this for all sorts of trades depending on which particular service you are offering. Google search acts like a modern day ‘Yellow pages’ or phone book – another two traditional options to find local businesses.

how to find small business owners


Finding Small Business Owners Locally

As mentioned you can use your local phone book, Yellow Pages or business directory to find businesses near you. You can also use local doorstep advertising papers and you can find business owners on sites like GumTree and FreeAds.

Gumtree: Head over to and have a look at local services. This will give you a list of small business owners.

how to find small business owners

Freeads: Likewise with Freeads you can find local small business owners with a similar search:

Free ads

How To Find Small Business Owners With Adwords

Google’s paid for advertising service Adwords allows you to place adverts which get found for specific search queries on Googles search engine, and other related websites. By targeting searches which will be made by small business owners, you can show you adverts directly to your target audience. Getting into the mindset of small business owners will help you do this. What are they looking for and what service will help them the most? Ideally you should target small business owners searches which have a ‘buyer intent’. Things like:

“help for small businesses”

“Small business website services”

“small business marketing advice”

“help my failing small business”

“I need a website”

“how to advertise locally”#

By tying the small business in with your particular service, you only pay for likely customers with a ‘buyer intent’. Since you pay for each click with Google Adwords it is worth doing your research and finding keywords targeted not only to small business owners, but also which are specific to your particular service or product. Have a look at the Google Adwords program here.

Find Small Business Owners Locally

You can also find small business owners by walking down your local high street, looking in your local paper at the advertisements at the back and on the wall on noticeboards in your local fish and chip shop, news agent or post office.

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