How To Find Affiliate Marketers

Are you looking how to find affiliate marketers? Do you have your own product which you want affiliates to promote for you or do you want to find affiliates online to learn from and network with? If you’re looking to promote your own products and services online through affiliates your best bet is to register your product with or See below for details.

You might be looking for affiliates also to learn their tactics at selling various products online. A good way to find a good affiliate in any particular niche is to simply type into Google the name of the product or niche you are looking at. Usually you will find the main product website at the top, followed by several other websites of their affiliates.

Affiliates promote and sell other people’s products online. By finding the product and then typing the search terms into Google, you can find affiliate marketers online. You can also contact them through their websites directly if you wish. Or you can join a community to connect with affiliates. See below for details.

how to find affiliate marketers

How To Find Affiliate Marketers – To Market Your Own Online Products

Google Search

For example let’s say you are looking at a product such as Stuart Lichtman’s How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast. Go to Google search and type “Stuart Lichtman anything fast”, his book title or any other combination of the author and the book title. This search should bring up Stuart Lichtman’s website followed by a number of websites of his affiliates. The top few titles will be affiliate marketers either reviewing or recommending the book. Do this for any product or service online. To find other products within your own niche you can do the same thing for the product name or the product’s owner.

If you have a product to sell and would like to find affiliates on Clickbank to reach a larger audience you can sign up at You can then connect with affiliate marketers who can promote your product or service online.

how to find affiliate marketers

Find JVzoon with a simple Google search or go to Click on the tab for sellers to find affiliates to sell your products.

how to find affiliate marketers

How To Find Affiliate Marketers – To Learn Affiliate Marketing From

Through An Online Community

I found successful affiliates after a while of ‘going it alone’ online. There’s nothing better than to connect with and learn from affiliate marketers who have already done what you are seeking to do online. This is especially true if you have struggled to make your online business work for you. I joined a community of online marketers and have since met up with affiliates from all over the world at various meetings which run globally throughout the year. Here’s a picture of me with Jay Kubassek at a meeting in London.

how to find affiliate marketers

Finding a community of online marketers can allow you to learn and grow your online business at a faster pace than you could by trying to do everything alone.

You can also join online forums such as Warrior forum to chat with other affiliate marketers about successful methods of affiliate marketing and building your own online business.

How To Find Affiliate Marketers – To Learn How To Build Your Own Online Business

Learn how the top affiliates earn a living on the internet by joining a community and accessing a online education platform which teaches you how to:

  • Sell high ticket affiliate products to earn larger commissions per sale.
  • Choose the right products to promote, ideally products which offer ongoing value.
  • Promote products with built in up-selling done for you – see done for you internet business.
  • Join a community and network with other successful affiliates.

You will also gain access to all the tools and software necessary to build an online business. Click the banner below for more information.

how to find affiliate marketers

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