How to escape a job you hate

Are you stuck in a job you hate? Would you like to learn how to escape a job you hate? Do you long for the clock to reach 5 O’clock when you can run for the door only to be coming back the next day feeling slightly sad and depressed? You’re not alone! Are you familiar with trying to look busy for the boss, the pang of anxiety as they walk past and you’re day dreaming rather than working, the slowly disappearing life that you knew you were once capable of but somehow never quite managed to materialize? Does every experience of the day mount up into a ball of deep seated anxiety, depression and fear? Are you stifling your creativity for the paycheck at the end of the month? Does your commute to work fill you with dread?

If any of these are true for you its definitely time to take a good look at your options. Take a step back and acknowledge how you’re really feeling about your job. The longer you stay in the situation the more it has a grip on you. Take some time out if you can and consider what is available to you.

Don’t panic

Take a breath and look at a few strategies which will help alleviate some of the problems, while you consider your options. If you panic and jump ship before having a safety net in place you could find that you’re in a worse place. Take the pressure off yourself and don’t make any emotional decisions.

Build a safety net first

keep doing

Give yourself some piece of mind by setting aside some cash each month into a saving account. Once you start developing a plan to escape, you will feel less desperate and less trapped. Set up an automatic payment from your account into a savings account which you can’t get to easily – so you’re less likely to blow it. Over 6 months you may have a little ‘cushion’ which will help give you some more confidence in making a transition. Live below your means for a month or two and learn not to depend entirely on your salary.

Start looking for jobs elsewhere

You may feel that you don’t have time for this because you’re snowed under with your current job – which you hate! Start looking even if it’s just over your lunch hour. Make it a habit to spend some time each day looking at alternative jobs which you would like to do and which you have a chance at getting given your skill set. The more you are ‘stuck’ in hating your job, the harder this seems to do. Persevere even if nothing shows up because it is an empowering exercise. If you find something put a CV together and apply. Don’t expect miracles overnight and think of this as a long term exercise.

Consider your expertise

What are you good at/trained at and what would you like to do? Are there any competitive companies who would value your expertise more than your current employer? Network with other people in your industry, or if you are looking for a change look at getting some training in another field. Reach out to your work colleagues and friends who may know of something and could offer solutions. You might even be able to move within your company if you approach your manager?

Learn new skills and start a side business

Build your own business alongside your job until it matches your current income. Now is a great time to branch out and many people have more than one stream of income in today’s employment climate. You can learn how to develop the skills to build your own internet based business here. You can also get paid (or get a bursary) in some cases to re-train for alternative employment which is currently under subscribed. Do a Google search online for government incentive retraining bursary.

Work on alternative business ideas during your breaks and time off

Make the best use of your time while you are away from your job. Make it a mission to plan and execute your escape to not just a better ‘job’ but also a better life. Use your time to work on other businesses, job hunting, retraining and equipping yourself for the change you want.

Never stop learning

Don’t get hung up on what is

Give more attention to where you are planning to go than what annoys you about your current job. The more you focus on something the more power you will be giving it. Don’t let your job take over your mind to such an extent that you can’t think of anything else. Use the current job to motivate you to build your way out by working on your side project at evenings, weekends and during time away from work.

Expand on your knowledge

Take extra training and expand your current knowledge to make yourself more valuable. Take opportunities for growth whenever they are offered and don’t get ‘stuck’ in a limiting role if you’re capable of more – which you are!

Find what you really want

Most people don’t know what they really want and so ‘end up’ in roles which they are capable of and get stuck. Think about what would really float your boat and make it your intention to go for it. Step out of your comfort zones and take a few risks. If you continue to settle for what you already have and don’t ever want to take a risk, with either your time, money or lifestyle, it will be very hard to change.

“Find your ideal job, find your ideal boss for that job, and find creative ways to get their attention as an ideal candidate,” – (Kirk Chisholm, financial planner from

Build financial freedom

All jobs carry with them an inherent amount of stuff which we often don’t want to have to face. It is often our reaction to this which causes the most of our suffering. Ultimately it is money which determines our need for a job rather than our desire to have a job. By building ourselves out of debt, managing our money carefully and paying off the mortgage early we can give ourselves more choices later in life rather than forever depending on a job for our security. Most people will neglect to do these things which will free them of a job eventually, and trade this freedom for immediate gratification instead – a new car, new furniture or a holiday every year.

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Build a flexible lifestyle

Thousands of people have already discovered how, by using new technology they can free themselves of their job and live a completely flexible lifestyle by using their laptops to create a fully sustainable internet business. See also escape 9 to 5 for more information.

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