How to embed a private YouTube video

How to embed a private youtube video? Can it be done? Below I have created a video about ‘how to embed private YouTube video‘. The short answer is that you can’t do this on YouTube! What you can do however is change your listing to ‘unlisted’ which will mean you can embed it and it won’t appear in the search results on YouTube. It won’t however be ‘private’ but can’t be found through search and will only be seen by people who you send the link to.

How To Embed A Private Youtube Video

Sending a link to a ‘private’ video on YouTube can be done but only if your contact has a YouTube account which is connected to their Google plus account.  You can do this either when you first list your video as private just before uploading, or in the video manager section of your YouTube account. Simply click on ‘edit’ next the video in video manager and you will see a drop-down box underneath your video. Click on the box and select your chosen privacy setting.

how to embed a private youtube video


There is a limit to how many people you can send a ‘private’ video to on YouTube and currently is is around 50. They would all need to have YouTube accounts which are linked to Google plus accounts in order to be able to do this. Changing your video to ‘unlisted’ is a quick and easy way around this and there is no limit to the amount fo people you can send the link to once you have done this. Anyone can access your link once it is ‘unlisted’ but to access a ‘private’ video they will need to hold an account.

Embedding Video On YouTube

To embed any video on YouTube simply head to the video and click on the share button below it. There will be a share box which come up with three options in it: share, embed and email. Click on the ’embed’ option and copy the code which should be highlighted in blue. Right click on your computer mouse or keypad if you have a laptop and copy the code to your notepad. If you have a website or blog you can then paste this code into it. If you are using wordpress make sure you have clicked the ‘text’ tab before you paste the code into the page.

Once you have done this you should be able to see your video on your website/blog. Take a look at this video which explains how to change between private and unlisted settings:

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