How To Earn Through Affiliate Marketing

Are you interested in how to earn through affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing allows anyone with access to a computer and an internet, the ability to sell products online. By selling affiliate products, that is, products you don’t own but can make money from; you can build an income source from anywhere in the world. In addition, you don’t need to hold any stock, talk to any customers or deliver products yourself.

How To Earn Through Affiliate Marketing – The Basics

Affiliate products are everywhere online. You can find an affiliate product in almost any area of interest. Do a quick Google search for “affiliate products (in knitting)”, or any other topic and you will find a bunch of results. By signing up to these programs and advertising their products on your website or blog, you can earn affiliate commissions for every sale made through your affiliate link.

how to earn through affiliate marketing

Affiliate Commissions

The commission you receive will vary depending on what affiliate products you choose to promote. Some companies offer small commissions and other can pay 50% of the price and above. These tend to be digital products. The reason they can pay so well is because their overheads are so low. With digital products there is no shipping cost or storage cost. The main overhead is advertising and since it is you the affiliate who is doing the advertising, they can afford to pay such large commissions. Without you, there would be no sale.

Making Sales

Much of the work in making sales has been done for you with some affiliate products. (See done for you internet business). They already have sales pages, a series of emails to send out to your subscribers and landing pages. As an affiliate marketer your main job is to send traffic to these pages. In many cases you will simply get an affiliate link to promote. An affiliate link is tracked to your user identification. When you make a sale, it is credited to you and you get a commission. The process of purchasing is automated and the customer is delivered their product.


Here’s a quick example from Amazon. The image here has a link to this product. If someone purchases this from Amazon from my website Ihow to earn through affiliate marketing make a small commission. Amazon handles the order and delivers the book. I don’t have to do anything other than create this piece of content and promote it to the right audience.

How To Earn Through Affiliate Marketing – Traffic

Getting enough traffic through to your website or blog and therefore your affiliate products is the main obstacle for affiliate marketers. There are several ways to do this:

  • Build content to be found on Google – By carefully targeting the less competitive long tail keywords and writing quality content. See finding long tail keywords.
  • Advertising through various means such as Facebook and Adwords – Specifically targeting your market audience. See why target market is important.
  • Promoting your content on social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc.
  • Building a list of subscribers to send your content out to.

How To Earn Through Affiliate Marketing – Best Traffic Methods

You don’t have to use all the methods above to become a successful affiliate marketer. You can become an expert in any one of them and build a successful online business. However, the leaders and top earners in affiliate marketing all have lists of subscribers and actively build their subscribers list. By building a list of subscribers you put yourself in charge of your website traffic. (See what is list building).

You must build trust with your subscribers however at the same time. By building a large list of subscribers, who trust you, you can generate sales from products and services which will benefit your subscribers. By keeping the interests of you subscribers in mind, you are helping them and not ‘selling’ them. You also need to build a list of appropriate subscribers who are interested in what you have to offer.

Revenue Models For Affiliates

See also best revenue models for websites. There are various revenue models for affiliates and every affiliate scheme offers something amazon_volume_ratesdifferent. Amazon, for example offers a fairly low level of commission on their products. It varies according to the amount of products you sell in any given month. However, Amazon is a trusted company and most people are happy to buy from them. They also sell physical products not digital products. Digital products can pay around 50% commission and so a lot of affiliates recommend selling digital products because of this. However, most people have bought from Amazon and the site has a good amount of consumer trust.

How To Earn Through Affiliate Marketing – Consistency

Making a sale on the internet is a very rewarding experience. But to make affiliate marketing really work you need to be making consistent sales time and time again. This doesn’t happen overnight and it takes time to build up a steady stream of targeted traffic to get consistent sales. Given that you will have spent a good deal of time working on your affiliate business before it starts showing you results, it is best to choose the right model from the start to give you the best chance of long term success.

Best Affiliate Revenue Models

Some of the best affiliate models are those which offer high ticket commissions, membership programs and automated up-selling. By selling membership programs you can make commissions on a monthly basis from each sale. This is much better than simply earning commissions from a single online sale. In addition, by selling programs with an ongoing up-sell and a built in sales team, you have the potential to earn larger commissions down the road on each individual sale you make. Using this strategy in addition to selling digital products can give you the highest possible commissions.

High Ticket Items

In particular selling high ticket products can help you boost your revenue and offset advertising costs. Making $1000 a sale makes an online business much more viable than only making $100 a sale, for the same given amount of work.

Learn how to earn through affiliate marketing with high ticket commissions, monthly sales and membership sales. Access a community based training program which will give you the training, tools and strategies to make a full time income from affiliate marketing.

how to earn through affiliate marketing

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