How to do affiliate marketing

A lot of people are still wondering how to do affiliate marketing. Firstly let’s start by asking what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is simply put marketing a product for someone else in order to generate affiliated sales. What this means is that you can market a product on behalf of its creator or owner and earn commissions based on the sales. So for example take the last thing you bought online. You could write a review about it and post it on the internet so when people read your review and go on to buy the product, you make a percentage of the sale. Massive online sites such as Amazon and Ebay have affiliate programs which anyone can join and promote any item which they sell to earn commissions.

Why do affiliate marketing?

One of the main attractions to affiliate marketing is that you can be your own boss and it offers total time flexibility. Affiliate marketing can be done around any job and even in any location globally, providing you have a laptop and internet connection. You can earn a good living from affiliate marketing because you can join an unlimited number of affiliate programs and create an unlimited number of income ‘trickles’ from various websites, blogs and even by building your own list of subscribers.

How to do affiliate marketing

To begin with you will need a product of some sort to promote. Many people begin with products from Amazon or Ebay or choose something which is associated with their particular interest or hobby. Writing a blog is one way to get started. To write about something in any depth takes time and it helps if you have an interest or passion which you can build your blog or website around. Have a look for products relating to your interest and see if you can find a product, service or even membership site which has an affiliate program. Do a Google search for something related to your interest and look for items which are for sale or services which offer something of interest. Look for an affiliate program on the site. Most sites which have a service or product to sell have affiliate programs to help them with promotion.

Once you have joined an affiliate program you can get banners or links from the program to put on your site or blog. Your job is then to bring visitors to your site and make sales through your banners. You can also use an email capture to build an email list of subscribers. You can email your subscribers with offers and promotions from affiliate companies therefore earning you commissions on any sales you make.

Choose your products wisely

If you promote products which sell for let’s say $100, you are likely to earn a commission of $40 for each sale. However if you sell products for over $1000 you stand to earn up to $400 for each sale (or 40% depending on the commission structure).  So for the same amount of work you can make a lot more just by choosing the right products to promote. Affiliate companies can afford to pay such large commissions because you are doing all their advertising for them which is the main cost of an internet business.

High ticket commissions

Higher value affiliate products are much harder to come by of course than smaller value products. Most affiliates are promoting smaller value products. However the problem with this is that you will need to sell a huge quantity of these products in order to make a good living from the internet. Higher value, or high ticket affiliate products will earn you more per sale and therefore your income will be higher for the same or similar amount of work.

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