How to do affiliate marketing without a website

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money available to anyone with a laptop and internet connection. You don’t even need your own website or a lot of know-how in order to become an affiliate marketer. Below I have embedded my video which shows you how to do affiliate marketing without a website so scroll to the bottom to check it out.

One of the most successful members of the SFM (see here for details) didn’t even have a website to sell over £100, 000 worth of digital products. All he used was Facebook advertising and his affiliate link! A great way to promote affiliate products is by paid advertising but you need a system in place i.e. landing page which converts to leads and an email series which coverts to sales. You also need to target your traffic carefully before leveraging up and scaling your advertising.

The simple method I talk about on the video is just to buy a domain name and point it to your affiliate link. This is exactly what I have done here with this domain name: I bought this domain for less than $10 a year and went into my account on and simply forwarded it to my affiliate link. Once you have done this you can simply paste your new domain name on your articles, on social media and even in paid for advertising campaigns.

Ideally you would have a landing page to collect the emails of people landing on your page but you could simply direct it to your affiliate sales page. The advantage of collecting your visitors email is that you can then promote and communicate to them again and again. Sending them to a sales page only gives you one chance at selling the item.

You can also promote your affiliate link directly using any one of these methods but affiliate links typically look rather ugly. If you have never promoted an affiliate product you can use to find hundreds of affiliate products which may be relative to something you are already doing. If you can find a niche to promote which relates to your existing business or service you can simply promote it to your existing customers.

To learn more about affiliate marketing and how to create landing pages, email lists and promote high ticket products and services see this website and enter your details for a free video series which will explain more. 

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