How To Consciously Make Your Life Better

Making your life better is of course very subjective. Often, we don’t know where to begin in making a start to improve our lives. One day we can feel upbeat and that life is great and then the next minute we can feel down in the dumps and on death’s door. Our feelings play a huge part in how we experience life and you can even go so far as to say that it is our ‘inner’ experience or ‘reaction’ to what is happening around us which creates our reality. Of course there are always circumstances which we would like to improve on and this is a good place to start.

Notice what things you don’t want and change them

This is a simple method for experiencing empowerment in your life. You can start with small ‘gripes’ that you have and build up to larger problems which you would like to change. Start small with things like a paint blemish on your wall which you can easily paint over, a broken cup which needs replacing or a dirty car which needs a wash. Fix that broken door handle or dripping tap! These seem like small incidental things which don’t matter much but when you allow these things to remain in your life, you negative experience of them can build up. By not doing anything about them you are also dis-empowering yourself to be the instigator of change in your own life. By taking the time to make these small changes in your life you can gain the necessary momentum to create larger changes over time. This is setting into effect the power of inertia. Once something begins moving it becomes difficult to stop. Not doing these things sets into effect the inertia of inaction. You ‘settle’ and eventually accept what is. By taking the time to make the necessary changes to the things which are in your control, you begin to experience an empowerment which will filter into other areas of your life. You will become less passive and more of a conscious creator.

Notice the things you like about your life

Also known as ‘gratitude’. By consciously practicing gratitude on a daily basis you are entering the state of mind which many people seek, but are often too caught up in the ‘getting of it’ to notice it. Life becomes a perpetual merry-go-round of chasing after those things you want, when all along it is a ‘state of mind’ you ultimately seek, which eludes you constantly because you are chasing it! When you take time to pay attention to the things and people around you and feel genuinely grateful for those things and people, your life changes instantly – simply because you have changed your outlook and attitude. Most of the people reading this will have a house, a car and clothes on their back. There is always something to be grateful for, it all depends on your attitude. Often we become so caught up in the things we want that we forget to appreciate what we already have. Focusing on gratitude is one of the quickest ways to change your life in a very short amount of time. Spend several minutes each day consciously focusing on what is good on your life and being genuinely grateful. Within a month you will know how to consciously make your life better.

Daydream and visualize

This is something which is often drilled out of us when we are small. However the ability to allow your mind to wander and drift can be a great asset when you are trying to improve your life. Allow yourself the luxury of having an indulgent day dream. Fantasize about how you would like your life to be. Who would be in it? what would you be doing? What kind of house would you live in? There are many areas of our life and often we can get ‘stuck’ because we are only allowing ourselves to live an expression which is much less than we truly aspire to. Let go of what you think is possible and daydream about the incredible!

Set some specific goals

Setting goals is a must if you want to achieve anything specific in your life. If you are happy just the way things are, you are fine and there is no need. But if you want to consciously choose an achievable outcome, in any particular area of your life you need to set a goal and work towards achieving it with small manageable action steps which you are immediately capable of achieving. Vague goals such as ‘make more money’ or ‘get a nicer car’ are not specific enough. Goals must be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. They should also be something which is desirable enough to motivate you but not so difficult as to be unbelievable.

This is the best book I have read on the topic of goals and I highly recommend reading it, especially if you have some highly desirable goals in mind but are unsure about how to achieve them.



Changing our awareness around certain areas of our lives


Sometimes in our lives we are simply in a negative state and we can get there from a variety of different causes. It isn’t always the circumstances of our lives which are at fault, only our mental state which focuses on the difficulties and problems rather than the blessings and triumphs. If we are stuck in a negative state of mind it is worth looking for a solution. Notice where your state changes. Do certain people or circumstances exacerbate a negative reaction? By becoming aware of when and where we are experiencing problems in our inner state, we can find solutions to either avoid these situations altogether, or ease our mental suffering by altering our reaction to it.

Meditation and mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness can teach us about our state of mind thoughout the day. Just by practicing meditation for a few minutes each day, taking the time to quieten our thoughts and watch impassively what is going on in our inner being, can be enough to instigate change, simply by becoming more aware of the causes and our reactions.

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