How to build your online business faster than ever before

We are creatures of habit and as such continue to choose behaviors according to what we have done for many years. Change takes time and effort and we don’t see the benefit of changing our behavior for some time. When we have an internet or similar self employed business, we want results fast and when we don’t get them we doubt we are on the right path. Belief is what carries us through in these times of self doubt. (See why belief is so important to affiliate marketers)

In a normal job we have to put in the work before we get paid. Usually we are paid on a monthly basis so we will often work for a month before we are expecting any cash income from our efforts. With a self employed business, it often takes many months of hard work and sacrifice before we see the results of our efforts. When we get paid we plough this money back into our business. If we take it all out then we have nothing left to grow our business and it will plateau. It is only through sacrifice and hard work that people earn the right to call themselves self employed.

how to build your online business faster than ever before

Self employment has its own benefits which can’t be measure purely through monetary terms and we need to remember this in the difficult times. Remind yourself that you are working for yourself. You can take a day off anytime you like, choose your working hours, and with an internet based business, work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Of course we need to also make money to make a self employed business a viable proposition.

Investing in yourself is the best way to spend time on your business if you are the business. In the difficult times look to your potential rather than your results. Ask yourself the difficult questions. Put yourself in the shoes of a student who wants the life you already have. Become the humble student again and invest in your own development, on every level of your business. 

Most entrepreneurs are comfortable with risk, but ask yourself where your limits are and how much is your comfort zone affecting your bottom line? How can you make your time more profitable and have you put a value on your time? Avoiding spending on your business may seem smart in the short term but at what stage do you take an inventory on the many hours you have spent on your business? How much time do you invest in yourself and your own personal development? Who do you spend time with who is helping you create a better life? How often do you commiserate with people over life, and what could you be doing instead?

The hard truth is that if your business isn’t working then you are not only standing still but falling behind. For things to change you need to change. Are you really doing everything you can to make yourself a complete success or is there a part of you which is self sabotaging, self destructive and self doubting? Do you believe in what you are doing? Are you spending time on money producing activities as priority or just being a ‘busy fool’?  You need to get all these things straight in your mind so that you can move forwards with every part of you in unity, working towards a definite goal or purpose. When your parts are in disagreement you will flounder because you are working at odds with yourself.

Stuart Lichtman has created a book which will allows you to identify the parts of your subconscious mind which are in disagreement with your conscious ideas, goals and aspirations. By uniting your subconscious and conscious minds you will quickly and easily obtain far greater goals than you have previous believed possible. This is an in-depth study of what Stuart calls the Cybernetic Transposition Technique and will take a certain amount of commitment to read through and repeatedly do the exercises which are necessary for change to occur. Do you have what it takes and are you ready to learn how to build your online business faster than ever before? Click this link or the image below if you do.



To learn more about how to build your own internet business from scratch follow this link and access the video series which will explain more.

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