How to build an email list for free

Building an email list is probably one of the best ways to grow your online business or even an offline ‘bricks and mortar’ business. Many online marketers know this because building a list of subscribers is one way to control the traffic you get to your website or landing page. Marketers spend thousands adding subscribers to their list so that they can market their products to their subscribers. If you can learn how to build an email list for free, you don’t need to worry as much about ranking your site on Google or paying for advertising through the various methods. You can of course pay for building your list by creating adverts through Facebook or Google Adwords, and sending them to a landing page. However, here I am going to share how to build an email list for free. If you can add any further value to this article I welcome your comments below.

All you really need to build an email list is a good landing page with a great offer attached to it, and a link to that page. With that link you can create adverts which are seen through various online platforms. Here are a couple of simple methods which can help to get you started.

  • Use Ebay. I have used ebay successfully to create free listings which send visitors through to my landing page. Although you can’t scale on the same level as you can with Facebook advertising, for example, you don’t have to pay either. The fastest way to build you list is of course paid advertising. Free advertising takes a little more time and effort.

    • Use Gumtree. Gumtree also offer the opportunity to create an advert for your online business. Unfortunately listing your website is charged but you can still create a free listing and respond to any enquiries by sending out your landing page link.

  • Add a subscribe option to your blog/website. This is a really easy way to add subscribers to your email list. Make sure you have a couple of ways to offer your email services and that you have an attractive offer. I share tips in my emails but also offer a free video course worth over $400. Subscribe on the right of the page – or on the drop down opt-in at the top of the website. Make reference to your subscribers list in your articles and let your readers know the value of your regular emails.
  • Comment on YouTube videos. YouTube is a community with thousands of people searching through the video every day. By finding relevant videos in you niche and commenting on them, you not only can connect with similar people in your business area, but also create pathways for visitors to follow through to your account and potentially subscribe to your videos. If you place a link under each of your videos to your landing page, you can get subscribers opting into your landing page. Obviously you need to do a fair amount of this before you will see a difference. However if you stick to commenting on 20-30 a day of videos in your niche you will see results over time. Obviously the type of comment you put will make a difference as to whether someone clicks through to your page or not. Follow YouTube’s terms and conditions and don’t violate them but try to add something which will intrigue visitors to look at your profile.

    • Create videos and post on YouTube - Creating videos is a great way to offer value and generate leads through your business funnel. You can find useful titles for your videos by typing into the search bar in YouTube. Some of your videos will rank on YouTube and some won’t. It’s simply a numbers game but if you create enough high value and useful videos, and target specific keywords, then people will start to subscribe to your landing page. See video below for more information on this. YouTube is by far the best free search engine to rank for and much easier to compete with than Google for your website articles.

  • Use Ezine articles - offers a means to create high quality content which can be shared by other bloggers. For them to share they must include a link to your site, and acknowledge you as the author. This is a great way to build links back to your website and encourage more visitors.
  • Guest write on other people blogs – Writing guest posts on other people’s popular blogs in your niche is a great way to build your online reputation and again, gather more links back to your website. Not only can you get readers clicking through to your website, but the link from popular websites in your niche will help boost your ranking and authority with Google.
  • Comment on blogs in your niche – Commenting and adding insight and value to other people’s blogs in your niche is a good way to build some community and again, increase your visitor rate back to your blog/website. Blogs and websites which allow comments also let authors leave links back to their websites. This has a two fold benefit for your blog. People read your comments and can link through to your website, and the back-link provides Google with more verification that you are genuine and it can help to boost your authority and rank on its search engine.
  • Use Yahoo answers – ‘Yahoo Answers’ offers an opportunity to answer questions of people in your particular business niche. If your answer/s are chosen as the best answer you can have another source of traffic back to your blog and again, more authority from the back link. Even if your answer isn’t picked as the best you can still gain traffic from this method. Make sure you are providing value and giving insight, rather than just spamming people with your links.

There are literally hundreds of methods of generating new members to your subscribers list. You MUST have something to offer which your visitors want. Having visitors come to your website is no guarantee of getting them to subscribe to your list, let alone purchase something from you. Make sure you know who your target audience is and target them. Aim your content at your chosen market audience and offer something of value. If you can offer any further insight or more methods or ways how to build an email list for free, please comment below or add yourself to my email list and reply to any of my emails.

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