How To Build A Subscription Based Website

Wondering how to build a subscription based website? Subscription products are the way to go with an online business. They offer ongoing value and of course ongoing commissions. But what are the best subscription products for your website? Can you build your own, or are you better off using other people’s subscription products?

How To Build A Subscription Based Website – Traffic

Before we get into getting a website up and running with subscription products in it, there’s the small matter of marketing. How will you market your website? If you’re using your own products, will they sell? I say this because the first mistake I made online was to expect people to come running to my website once I had launched it.

Even if you have a range of top notch products in your sales funnel, you’ll still need traffic. Not just any old traffic either. You’ll need targeted, “buying” website traffic. You know, people who don’t just think you have a good product, but desperately need it in their lives. That’s the kind of traffic you want! Do you know how to do this? Perhaps you already do in which case you should skip this section.

If you’re wondering how to build a subscription based website, you’re wanting to earn an income online, most likely. This requires more than just having a good range of products. You need to aggressively market your sales funnel. This will either take a long time, or a lot of cash, depending on your particular route.

Paid traffic and free traffic are two different animals. Paid traffic is fast, free traffic is slow and time consuming. Checkout me ebooks on these two topics: Niche blogging for profit, and The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.

How To Build A Subscription Based Website

What products are you going to offer your customers? Why will they keep paying for your services? Building your own subscription based products is very difficult. That’s why it is far better to use existing products within a product range. By using a business model known as affiliate marketing, you can earn 40% commissions on sales through your own sales funnel, without having to create any products of your own, or even have to speak to a customer.

Why have a sales funnel? Can’t I just sell directly from my website? Yes and no. The main problem with trying to sell from your website is that no body knows who you are. They have only around 10 minutes or less to make a buying decision once they land on your website. If you get them to opt in to your sales funnel, you can build a relationship and promote products to them over the weeks, months and even years to come.

Checkout the video below by clicking on the image:

how to build a subscription based website

How To Build A Subscription Website – The Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is an important part of a subscription website. As you can see in the video, you can easily have a website up and running in a matter of minutes. The website building software above also comes with a fully integrated product suite and a built in sales funnel. You can access this software by signing up to the free video series here.

A sales funnel with a product suite can give you:

  • The ability to sell high ticket products and earn 40% commissions on sales you make
  • Commissions from up-sells – products bought later by your existing customers
  • Subscription Product Commissions – Memberships, Software etc.
  • Multi-tier Commissions – Depending on your buy in level, you can earn commissions based on sales made by your referrals.
  • You can make sales long after someone subscribed to your list, even years later.

Why High Ticket Products?

Subscription products give you a good business model which allows you to make ongoing commissions. Combine this strategy with high ticket products and you have an even better business model. Why? Simply because a high ticket product within your sales funnel allows you to recoup your advertising costs and scale up more quickly by using paid advertising.

Lower valued products, and even some subscription products won’t allow you to use paid strategies because you’ll struggle to recover your costs on lower valued products. This means you’re stuck with free advertising methods which can take a long time to work.

Subscriptions are a game changer when it comes to an online business model. So are high ticket products and up-sells. Up sells are basically products you can offer your existing customers. They are higher valued products within a product range. If you can use a business system with both subscriptions, high ticket and up-sells, your chances of success are much higher than with a single product.

How To Build A Subscription Website – Other Considerations

So if you’re going to build a website, it’s best to use both high ticket items which include up-sells and subscription products too. This gives you a few income streams from the same activities. There’s another factor too and that’s multi-tier sales. If you can sell an online product which has multi-tier sales commissions it means you can earn from the sales made by your referrals. This is another income stream and available depending on your positioning within a business system.

Learn more and access a digital business system and online training and education platform.This will show you how to build a subscription based website with the features detailed below:

  • Up sells
  • High ticket products
  • Multi-tier sales
  • Built in sales team
  • Commissions products (memberships)
  • A customised and ready made website and sales funnel system

Access this free video series to learn more and get started.

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