How To Become An Online Affiliate Marketer

Are you wondering how to become an online affiliate marketer? Anyone can become an affiliate marketer simply by having an online platform to promote and sell affiliate products through. You can do this either through a website like this one, a free blog which you can get at, or even through advertising without the use of a website. You can find many affiliate products which you can promote and sell online with a simple Google search or by going to sites like or

how to become an online affiliate marketer

How To Become An Online Affiliate Marketer – Traffic

One of the most important parts of becoming an affiliate is website traffic. Without traffic to your website, landing page or blog you won’t sell any products. Before you even think about choosing products to sell you should know this fact.

Because affiliate marketers can start with very little upfront costs, it makes the opportunity of becoming an affiliate marketer a possibility for almost anyone with a laptop and internet connection. Partly because of this and also because it is wrongly perceived as a quick route to riches, many affiliates give up on their online businesses shortly after starting.

For those who persevere, some go on to build a full time income from the internet and can benefit from the freedom which comes with having your own business in addition to the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere globally without a boss.

Methods Of Traffic Generation

how to become an online affiliate marketer

There are several ways to get traffic to your website or blog or you can simply send traffic directly to affiliate products. Many beginner affiliates start up with a website and blog about various topics. This is because blogging is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to build a following and connect people with various products on the internet. You can also send people directly to landing pages and products via paid advertising.

The Paid Route

Paid for advertising is fast. Within an hour you can have an up and running affiliate business with hundreds or thousands of visitors per day, if you pay enough to make it happen. Most beginner affiliates don’t do this simply because of the costs involved. By choosing the right products to promote the paid route can be more sustainable.

The Free Route

Free advertising online takes longer to get going , especially if you are blogging and using Google to rank your articles. You can also promote your own articles on social media and this will help it grow. Blogging and creating videos to be uploaded to YouTube are two free methods which affiliate marketers use to get more traffic to their website and sell more affiliate products.

How To Become An Online Affiliate Marketer – Choosing The Right Products

how to become an online affiliate marketer

Many affiliates choose products relating to their passion or interest. This is a good idea if you have something you can blog about which you know a lot about. Blogging can be tough if you have never done it before. Choosing a passion or interest means you can blog for the long term, which you will need to do to build a sustainable income from your blog. Blogging about something which you know little or nothing about can be much harder, especially for the long term. Ideally you should choose a topic which you have a good interest in.

Choosing Your Products

Having found your target topic you will need to find affiliate products to promote in this area. To find affiliate products in any niche simply do a Google search for “my niche” affiliate program. There are literally thousands of affiliate programs which you can join to promote products and services on the internet. Often digital products which don’t require any physical posting or dealing with customers offer the highest levels of commission, some up to 50% of the price. You can also go to sites like and browse the market place for products relating to your interest.

High Ticket Products

It  will take much longer to make a good profit by selling low value items than by selling higher ticket items. If you sell 10 items at $100 each and you make 50% commission you will make $500.  Selling just one item at $1000 will earn you the same amount (given a 50% commission on each).

By choosing to sell higher value items you can earn more for a similar amount of effort. Of course it will take more effort to sell the higher priced item, but it won’t take ten times the effort. In addition, it will be easier to scale the larger value items online, than to scale the smaller value business model.

how to become an online affiliate marketer

Customer Loyalty and Affiliates

Affiliates send people to websites where the website company makes a sale. Often that is the last time the affiliate will deal with the customer. However, the customer might go on to buy many more items from that website. Taking Amazon as an example, affiliates promote and recommend products from the online website. This means Amazon will pay the affiliate for a referred sale. However, when the customer returns, they don’t return to the affiliate, they return to Amazon. Amazon has won another customer who may remain loyal to their service for years to come. They don’t remain loyal to the affiliate and the affiliate must carry on finding new customers on an ongoing basis.

By selling items which offer ‘after sale’ affiliate commissions on all their products and services, you can benefit from further purchases and upgraded accounts. This means if customers go on to buy more from a particular company you, the affiliate make a commission on further sales which have been made by a built in sales team. Because you made the initial referral, you still benefit from any further sales with that company. 

How To Become An Online Affiliate Marketer – Training

Becoming a successful affiliate marketer, (See how to become a successful affiliate marketer) can take either months or years. It really depends on how much money and time you have to invest. You can access a month of free training here to get started. The right training in affiliate marketing can mean the difference between success and failure online. Having an affiliate marketing coach can make all the difference and keep you focused and moving forwards.

how to become an online affiliate marketer

It can be very daunting and lonely trying to do everything by yourself. Affiliate marketing is a life long skill which means you can earn an income from the internet which can replace your existing employment. This doesn’t happen for everyone but for those who persevere and work hard, an internet business can give them a lifestyle of flexibility and freedom which is hard to find from a normal job or career.

Learn more about how to become an online affiliate marketerwatch this video and sign up to a video series for more information.


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