How To Attain Financial Freedom

Everyone wonders about how to attain financial freedom. Not everyone manages to achieve it. I started thinking about how to attain financial freedom several years ago. Things were hard and I was under a lot of financial pressure. I hated my job and nothing seemed to be going right for me. I looked into The Law Of Attraction after watching The Secret Movie and knew there had to be more to it.

How To Attain Financial Freedom

Attaining financial freedom was never my goal in life from the start. I wanted a job I loved and pursued a career in the movie business as a stunt performer after joining the British Stunt Register in 2002 and getting my first film in 2004. I doubled Rhys Ifans in the film Enduring Love. Here’s a picture of me on the balloon:

Several years later and I was still struggling financially. I wasn’t getting enough work to live. I had multiple fill-in jobs over a 10 year span but most of them were minimum wage. This definitely wasn’t the answer to becoming financially free.

I later opened my own Kung Fu school as I had kept up a passion in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu for around 20 years. I followed my passion thinking it was the answer to financial freedom. As the saying goes, “do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. I worked incredibly hard at Wing Chun and eventually got the go-ahead to open my own school. What I realised was that it wasn’t as simple as I at first believed.

how to attain financial freedom
I’m at the back third in from the far left!

For years I struggled with my school. I knew nothing of business but just thought that if I was good at what I did, people would eventually come to my classes. However, I knew nothing of marketing or selling.

When I eventually made my school work I realised that what I effectively had was a job I owned. I didn’t have a business I could sell because I was the business.

How To Attain Financial Freedom

Between juggling the Kung Fu School and the occasional stunt job, I was almost making ends meet. I received some inheritance and immediately bought a house with it. No more rent or mortgage – ever! Wow! I thought I had made it and it felt like I’d just won the lottery! I couldn’t get a mortgage with my sporadic income so decided to look for a house slightly above my budget and put a cheeky offer in. After a tentative ‘final offer’ was put in and was accepted, I was free!

how to attain financial freedom

I had been reading around finance for a while and I had particularly learned a lot from “The Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach. – learning to get rid of debt and put aside regular savings whenever I got paid. This became automatic after setting up direct debits to a savings account. During a particularly stressful period of debt and no work I ran up a credit card bill of over £10,000. I had no income.

Being out of work for a long time taught me to live on very little. I read a lot around The Law Of Attraction. See my ebook page here: entrepreneur development ebook free download.

Most people will spend more as their earnings increase. I managed not to do this. I put it away because I didn’t know where the next job was coming from. This became habit!

An Internet Business – How To Become Financially Free

Despite putting a lot of energy into the Kung Fu School and building  up a portfolio of stunt jobs, I was still not really earning very much on a regular basis. My house gave me a reprieve from constant stress and lowered my outgoings, but I was still not earning enough to do very much with my life.

I had developed an interest in working from my computer over the years and never given up on it. It led me to several online business models including eBay and affiliate marketing. After purchasing an eBook over eBay I realised that this was the method I would eventually use to earn money. It was a simple digital document which I had found on eBay explaining a simple business model I share here. What fascinated me most was the way in which the product sale was automated.

how to attain financial freedom

I had found the eBook on eBay and downloaded it instantly after purchasing it online. This was an automated sale. But not only that, it was also an automated sale of something anyone could do. The ebook was just a pdf document written by someone who had an idea for a business. Whether or not it made him a fortune, I don’t know. However, I just realised that an automated system like this one was very powerful and had huge potential.

How To Become Financially Free

Before I found an internet business model known as affiliate marketing, I had dabbled in a number of other ideas. I created my own eBooks and even spent several years learning currency trading. But my ideas were scattered and I didn’t really get clear about what I wanted to achieve. I knew that I needed to find a way to stop trading time for money. This is how to attain financial freedom.

how to attain financial freedom

What stood out about the eBook I found was the automated sale and delivery. It was also an item which could be sold anywhere globally. Distance for postage didn’t matter if you could download the product over the internet. This seemed like the perfect business model to me. I pursued affiliate marketing once I discovered that it was a business model available to anyone. Affiliate marketing lets anyone sell someone else’s product for a commission.

With digital products you can earn around 40% of the cost price of an item. This is a great business model for anyone without a passion of their own or a business idea. Simply learn the front end of marketing someone else’s products. The owner deals with sales and after sales. You just refer the customer.

Affiliate Marketing – How To Attain Financial Freedom

There are many paths to financial freedom, and affiliate marketing is just one of them. Ultimately you need to learn how to manage your money well. Get rid of debt and pay yourself first are two of the main principles David Bach shares in his book The Automatic Millionaire: lowering your outgoings, living below your means and paying yourself first. Pay yourself first means paying yourself into a savings account before you do anything else when you get paid. Most people pay all their bills and spend what’s left. wealthy people have learned to pay themselves first before they pay anyone else. Then learn to live on the rest – below their means.

Following these principles alone doesn’t make you automatically rich. You need to keep doing it year after year. Look at your purchases. What David Bach called your ‘Latte Factor’. A Latte factor is what you frivolously spend every day on those little ‘treats’. A latte here and a cookie there! Over a year all these little expenditures add up. Often to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. What if you put that money aside instead? It would accumulate interest and compound over time to generate money.

The wealthy find ways to stop trading time for money and to use leverage to generate multiple income streams. If you limit yourself to only being able to earn money by working, you get ‘stuck’ in a job and give away all your time. There’s a strict limit to what you can earn by trading your time.

Affiliate marketing, network marketing, building a business or leveraging income with some kind of system, are all methods of generating ‘leverage’. Leverage allows you to build and scale your income, without being stuck in the ‘time for money’ trap.

Book List

Check out some of the other books I list on my page entrepreneur development ebooks free download. Books include:

Working With The Law Raymond Holliwell PDF

The Science Of Getting Rich PDF

Think and Grow Rich PDF

The Strangest Secret PDF

The Magic Of Thinking Big PDF

Napoleon Hill Law Of Success PDF

The Richest Man In Babylon PDF

As A Man Thinketh

Psycho Cybernetics PDF

Jim Rohn PDF

All of these books talk about how to generate better results in your life according to the Law Of Attraction. It is the way we think and perceive life which generates our outcomes and circumstances – either by deliberation or omission.

An Internet Based Business

how to attain financial freedom

I couldn’t get the idea of financial freedom out of my head! I wanted to know how to attain financial freedom and I knew affiliate marketing had to be a way to achieve it. Selling products over the internet was a method of escaping the time for money working trap. You could sell someone else’s products and automate the whole process. However, I was about to learn how much was involved in actually making this happen!

I started by creating websites and attempting to sell my own eBooks but with limited success. I learned one piece of the jigsaw at a time. After realising that website traffic was the main problem, I put all my energy into learning how to build my traffic. Then I had to learn about sales and list building.

Building an internet business alone is a minefield. The main problem is you don’t realise what you don’t know. After joining a community of online entrepreneurs and learning strategies directly from them, I started to make some headway with my online business.

Access An Online Business Community

how to attain financial freedom

You can access the same community here and start your own online business from scratch. You don’t need any previous experience and it doesn’t matter how old you are. I would highly recommend joining a community and getting the help and advice you need, rather than going it alone as I did! You’ll save a bunch of time and effort. It still takes time, money and energy to build an internet business and you shouldn’t go into it with a “give it a go” attitude. If you’re serious about becoming financially free, it’s a way to stop trading time for money. You can ‘leverage’ the internet to sell products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In summary I would say there are many ways how to attain financial freedom:

Can you think of other ways how to attain financial freedom? Please comment below!

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