How Much Do Travel Bloggers Make ?

Travel bloggers make their money by blogging about their travel experiences around the world. Depending on how well their website (or websites) perform will determine their income. For example, a good friend of mine makes money from a travel website which attracts over a thousand visitors a day. He sells car rental through an affiliate company and sells a few hundred pounds worth of car rentals each week simply by having his site rank on Google for his main keywords. His income isn’t set however and is determined by how many sales are made through his site. He doesn’t pay for traffic and his visitors are purely organic – i.e. from Google’s organic search results.

Good days and bad days

Bloggers can make money by selling affiliate products such as car rentals but also from various other things which are available through the internet. Some days they will sell multiple products, and on other they may not sell any products. If they have multiple websites they make have continuous streams of income from some of their sites and others may not make as much.

Travel bloggers can make passive income from their website. This comes after building a following and generating a lot of traffic to their website. Because of this they make continuous sales from banners and links on their site which advertise other people’s products and sometimes their own products.

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Starting out

A new blogger may not make very much until they develop a following on their blog. There are thousands of people starting out in the blogging business and most just begin as a hobby and build up their income over time. It is best to not rely on your blogging for income until it has proved itself.

Monetizing your blog

You can monetize your blog with either affiliate products, your own products or by using advertising – Google Adsense being the most popular one. With Google Adsense you place code on your site and Google place adverts which relate to the content of you blog.

Affiliate Programs

Most bloggers join an affiliate program of some sort. The kind of affiliate program you join will depend on your visitors’ interests. To learn about affiliate marketing and how to promote affiliate products effectively online you can join this program.

Highest paid bloggers

The highest paid bloggers can earn upwards of 6 figures but they are the minority. Most bloggers earn very little unless they build a list of subscribers and a huge following. Once they have done this they can promote products and services to their subscribers and followers. By promoting a single product out to a list of several thousand email subscribers, a good online marketer can make over $10,000 in a single day. However these are the ‘super affiliates’ who have learned a process and spent a long time honing their understanding of the business.

Learn how you can build you own list of subscribers and have a ‘start from scratch’ business up and running within a few weeks here.

How much will I make?

The amount you will make from your blog depends on several factors:

  • How much competition is there in your topic area?
  • How good is your blog?
  • What is the demand for your niche area?
  • What products can you sell through your blog?
  • How much time and money can you put into developing your blog?
  • Your ability to learn and implement skills you will need.

Anyone can start an online business/blog from scratch and build it into a profitable business. As with any other business it takes time and hard work. There are no short cuts to legitimate sustainable success.

How much do travel bloggers make? 

Never stop learning

To sum up travel bloggers can make from zero right up to several thousands each month at the higher end. It is more common for bloggers to be at the lower end of the spectrum because there are so many of them and anyone can start a blog. To get the best chance of developing a profitable income from your blog it is wise to get the best education available and learn to build your online presence in the right way. Many bloggers write simply because they enjoy it and not always to earn an income from.

If you want to learn how to build an online business, which can include either or both advertising and blogging, invest in your education first as this will stand you in good stead for the long run. Learn how to build an internet business from scratch here.

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