How I Wasted So Much Time Trying To Build An Internet Business

I wasted a lot of time trying to build an internet business. When I began, I was pretty overwhelmed with information. I found several “get rich quick” courses which promised the world but proved to be fruitless in most cases; at least for me.

One of the problems with internet courses is that by the time they are produced and sold the internet has already evolved past them. If 10,000 affiliates are doing the same thing for traffic generation and optimising ‘tactics’, or trying to ‘trick’ Google, it doesn’t take Google long to figure it out and update their algorithms accordingly. Google ultimately wants quality and that’s what you have to give.

trying to build an internet business

Trying To Build An Internet Business – Overwhelm

By the time I had learned much of the material and implemented the ‘plan’, the internet had evolved beyond the system I was copying. I built several websites with a certain keywords in mind in order to rank them on Google. By the time time I figured out it wasn’t working, I had spent hundreds of hours working on it.

I would then ditch the system and try something else; signing up to a new course or ‘system’ which would “hopefully” prove more productive. Some of them had sound ideas but ranking quality sites on the organic search engines takes time, particularly now. To make money this way you have to work hard for a long time before you even see the results. If your belief is uncertain it is almost a given that you will give up before you see any tangible results.

Trying To Build An Internet Business – Blogging Is Slow

The thing to keep in mind and what kept me going is that trying to rank a site on Google’s organics search results, ultimately can give you an income source for life! Not only that but a passive income source which has almost no costs attached – apart from hosting and domain renewal. Not many businesses offer such a possibility. And if you can achieve a passive income from one website you can create multiple websites all doing the same thing – giving you a potentially unlimited source of income.

Trust Is Rare Online

The main problem is trust. It took me a long time to figure out what works online and by that time I had already learned several skills which ultimately I didn’t really need. If I had found the SFM years earlier, I would be much further along the road.

One of the main problems with the internet business is overwhelm. There are simply thousands of ‘Guru’s’ and ‘experts’ charging you for their advice. If you only follow a certain method for a short while before giving up and looking for another ‘magic bullet’ of internet success, your long term results will be zero. Unless you stick with something long enough and put enough effort and time in, you will never really get anywhere. Ultimately your belief has to carry you forwards. You have to want the end result badly enough to keep pursuing it.

An Online Business Course

What the SFM course has taught me was the missing piece of the jigsaw, ultimately my own limited thinking. I was reluctant to spend any money on my online business at first. So I simply put in loads of time because, well that’s what I had. I went for the organic searches method which took a long time. I now earn a small trickle income from this method from a couple of websites which I managed to rank on Google. What I have learned through Stuart and Jay’s mentorship program far surpasses this in terms of income. I have already earned in a month what I get from 3 months of my other top ranking sites.

The method they teach is still affiliate marketing, which I have been doing already, but they taught me to opt for high ticket sales and use paid advertising instead of trying to rank immediately through Google’s organic search results. Organic search is a longer term strategy. This tactic seem so obvious to me now but for a long time I was trying to sell items like books on Amazon and rank in the organic searches. I make about £0.20p for a book sale through one of my sites if someone buys it through my link. It’s hardly even worth my effort.

Paid Marketing Works Fast

Yes, if I had thousands of people visiting my website it might pay off but I don’t have anywhere near enough to make that kind of commission work. Also if I was to advertise my site in order to sell these books I would be paying more in advertising than I could possibly make in book sales.

However if I had a product worth 1000’s or more then it would make sense to pay to advertise it. Not only that, but once I had figured out how to make a sale by spending less than I earned, I could simply increase my advertising spend. I wouldn’t need to wait for more traffic by writing articles forever and hoping that one day my site would move up a place or two. This was a lesson hard learned.

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