How Does Digital Marketing Work

How does digital marketing work and what is digital marketing? Digital marketing is a blanket term for marketing products through digital means. That means using: Google’s organic searches, paid for Adwords searches, social media and other online technologies to reach a larger target audience. See why target market is important.

how does digital marketing work

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Digital marketing is targeted towards a specific audience in order to improve sales, whether they are online or offline. Digital marketing can be used by any business in order to reach a specific audience. It works through a marketing platform such as Google’s Adwords program which can target certain keywords and then deliver marketing appropriately. Here is an example of the use of Adwords for digital marketing:

Digital Marketing Using Google’s Adwords

how does digital marketing work

Let’s say you are marketing car tyres in Detroit. You might set up an adverts which targets the keywords “buy car  tyres detroit”. Your advert will only be displayed on Googles search results when someone types in that particular phrase. When it shows up and someone clicks on it, your advert will bring a visitor to your website.  By targeting specifics like this you have a greater chance of making a sale from each individual click.

Digital Marketing Using Facebook

Here’s another example of digital marketing but with a Facebook campaign. With Facebook you can target the demographics of your target audience very specifically. However, you can’t find people who are searching in the same proactive way as in the case for Google’s Adwords. Facebook can be even more effective in some ways because it allows you to target interests, geographical locations, age and other relevant specifics which are appropriate to your individual business. Let’s take a local business as an example of using Facebook to do your digital marketing.

Local Marketing Example For Facebook Digital Marketing

Let’s imagine you have a local second hand motorcycle shop based in a suburb of London in Croydon. You can specifically target a radius of 5 miles around this area. You can also target by age range. So imagine we want to target the mid life crisis age of 40+ year old men looking for a second hand motorcycle in Croydon. We could do this through Facebook’s advertising platform. We can also target through interests, so we can target 40+ aged men from Croydon who have an interest in motorcycles. By being specific in our demographics we can find people who fit our perfect client base.

Here’s a short video showing how a Facebook campaign can be launched.

Free Digital Marketing For Local Businesses

Using Google Places for a local business is a great free method of finding more customers from the internet. Anyone with a local business can advertise for free using this method. Have a look at this video which shows you how it’s done:

How Does Digital Marketing Work – Other Methods Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can include any online method of marketing your product or service to a larger target audience. One popular method of online advertising is through blogging. A blog is simply a web log. By creating blogs, articles, videos and other forms of online content, you can appeal to your target audience and engage potential customers. By informing, entertaining and educating your target audience you can find people who will benefit from your products and service. You can do this by sharing your content online in various ways:

Digital Marketing – Content Creation

By writing articles which fulfill a need and which target keywords in your niche, you can get found for free on Googles organic search engine. Equally, you can create useful videos on YouTube for your target market. You can also share your content on social media sites and link back to your website to find more visitors. Here’s a short video on YouTube video creation.

Long Tail Keyword Research – Getting Free Organic Traffic From Google

Getting free traffic back to your website is a great thing. However, it’s not easy. Thousands of online marketers are attempting to do exactly that. Many of whom are in the same market as you. By targeting long tail keywords in your specific niche, you can make more of your content by getting it to be found in Google’s organic results. If you can do this, you can get many more targeted visitors back to your website for free every month.

How Does Digital Marketing Work – The Power of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can allow anyone with a laptop and internet connection to reach a global audience. Previously this was only obtainable to huge international corporations with huge marketing budgets. Now anyone can market almost any product anywhere in the world. If you have a small local business you can easily target people in your area. For larger international companies, you can also use digital marketing to target your audience specifically by interests and various other demographics. This gives anyone the opportunity to develop their own internet based business, even without their own products or services.

How Does Digital Marketing Work – Learn Digital Marketing

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how does digital marketing work

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