How Does Affiliate Marketing Make Money?

So how does affiliate marketing make money?  Affiliates make money by promoting and selling products on the internet. Here’s an example of an affiliate product which I just found on Amazon. If you click this link and purchase the book I have listed, I earn a small commission for referring this product:

how does affiliate marketing make money

Affiliates can make money in other ways too. Selling a book like this on Amazon is only likely to make a few pence for each sale. I would have to sell thousands of these through my link in order to make a living from this single product. However, by creating many pages and content to multiple products like this one and more importantly, finding the right visitors to purchase your products, you can build small ‘trickles’ of income from articles, websites, blogs and other online content.

Selling Membership Courses

Affiliates who sell memberships stand to make money not only for each sale but they will also make a commission for each monthly membership renewal. So for a long as their customer remains a member, the affiliate receives a monthly commission. You can also promote and sell courses with a built in ‘up-sell’. This means that more products are built into your sales funnel and for each further sale you receive another commission.

Getting Started As An Affiliate Marketer

You can learn how to build your own affiliate business with this course which teaches the basic principles and will get you started with an affiliate website and a community of support. You also get an automatically populated affiliate website, and a working sales funnel. Learn more here.

Getting Traffic

So you have seen how to list products and sell them through a website like this one. The next step as an affiliate marketer is to get the right kind of visitors to your blog or website. Affiliates create content and offer products based on that content. By getting either found on Google or through paid advertising, affiliates get people to their websites and ultimately to the products which best serve them. Creating good quality content which best connects the visitors to the products is what affiliate do to make money through their content. Millions of affiliates get this wrong and either create content which nobody finds, and therefore don’t sell anything, or create the wrong kind of content for their target audience and/or product. For example if my blog was about flower arranging, and I was linking to a book on affiliate marketing, guess how many flower arrangers would buy my book. Your content must therefore be linked in some way to the products and services which you offer.

how does affiliate marketing make money

Finding Products

Whatever your interests are, you can find a related product and write about your interest through your blog. By promoting related products you can show your target audience products and services which will interest them. has thousands of products in almost any niche market and you can earn up to 40% of the cost for each sale.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click online advertising is a tool many affiliates use to make money on the internet. Facebook advertising is another paid for advertising tool. By paying directly for visits to your affiliate website or landing page, you can target visitors and send them directly to products and services. There is no need to create content using this method as much of your content will already be done for you by the vendor (creator of the affiliate product).

This costs more initially and affiliates ‘tweek’ their advertising expenditure, images, text and target audience until they have found a winning advert which make more money that they have spent. Once this is achieved they can ‘scale’ their business upwards by spending more on that advert and reaching more people. Digital products can be sold globally and therefore there is an almost unlimited market.

Content Creation

Another method affiliates use to make money online is to create content and post it online. This can be articles, videos, podcasts and any number of other useful online content. By targeting their content to an audience which is likely to see a need for the products they promote, they can put their affiliate products in front of likely buyers. Creating content and ranking it on Google is another method which affiliate marketers use to make money. Google is the number one organic search engine used worldwide throughout the internet. It’s organic search results are shown to millions. Creating content, like this article, can allow people to find products like the ones I have shown here.
How does affiliate Marketing make money

List Building To Make Money Online

One of the best affiliate marketing tactics is to make money by promoting products through a list of email subscribers. By collecting their visitor’s emails, building a relationship with their list and promoting products and services through their list, they can sell multiple items through a single email. What this means for affiliates is that rather than having only one opportunity to sell a book, for example, like the one above on a website, you can send thousands of people to a single product in an instant. This gives you more opportunity to make multiple sales from a single product.

Learn more about how you can start your own affiliate marketing business online with this FREE VIDEO SERIES which explains more about how affiliates make money through affiliate marketing.

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