How Can I Make Money With My Laptop

Are you wondering “how can I make money with my laptop?” The ‘laptop lifestyle’ is a real thing and more people are realizing the reality of a flexible lifestyle and working remotely from your computer.  But how can you start down this path and what is involved with a laptop business?

How Can I Make Money With My Laptop?

I started looking to the internet as a means of income several years ago with the online auction site ebay. After several years online and after trying several different strategies, I found a business model which led me to meet several online entrepreneurs who were already living the ‘laptop lifestyle’. You can access the video series here and meet one of my online mentors Stuart Ross.

Affiliate Marketing

how can i make money with my laptop

The business model which allows many people to live a completely flexible lifestyle, working from anywhere with a laptop, is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers promote and sell products and services online for a commission. There is nothing to handle as products are digital or delivered and handled by another company. As an affiliate you simply refer website traffic to products and services.


Commission for affiliates varies from one product to another but in some cases, and particularly with digital products and services, you can earn 50% commission on a sale.


See also autopilot money making system. Much of the process of delivering products on the internet is automated. This is particularly true of digital products which can be accessed immediately on a laptop. Payment processing is also a completely automated process. This takes a lot of the cost out of running a business and so the main cost is advertising.

As an affiliate marketer you are simply doing the advertising for any given product. If your link introduces a paying customer to a product, you are given the credit and commission for the sale.

Finding Customers

Anything can be sold on the internet. You can even sell your own products. However, the main reason people sell affiliate products is because it is much easier than creating their own products from scratch. You can simply use existing products which are doing well already and have proven themselves to the market. As an affiliate your job is to put yourself between the customer and the product. You can do this in various ways:

  • By creating online content such as articles, blogs and videos
  • By creating advertising content and sending customers to products
  • By building an email list and recommending products to your list
  • By building a ‘brand’ and an online following

Using Software

The main things you will need as an affiliate marketer are a website, landing pages and some good products. Affiliates can operate without a website and focus only on online advertising. However, paying for advertising is more expensive than creating content for Google. Access this training platform which gives you a website and all the software you need to get started online. Software used by affiliates includes things like:

  • An autoresponder – to collect emails and distribute messages
  • Landing pages - A Landing page is a specific website ‘page’ for collecting subscribers and offering them something in exchange for the email
  • Websites - Your own website is your own piece of digital ‘real estate’
  • Hosting – Hosting is simply digital ‘space’ for your website to be held.

How Can I Make Money With My Laptop – The Right Business Model

It is also important to have the right business model when looking for affiliate products and services. Choose high ticket products with built in sales team,  up-sell and a range of products and services from which you can earn affiliate commissions. Ideally also choose products with memberships so for each individual sale you make, you also earn monthly commissions. This is a much more viable business model than simply selling one off products for $30 a piece.


Selling 10 x $50 product at 50% commission will earn you $250.

Selling 10 x product at $2000 at 50% commission will earn you $10,000.

Consider this example in terms of your online business. How much longer will it take to make a good living from each of these models? Taking into consideration that much of your activities online will be the same for both, which model would give your more flexibility and profit?

Earning larger commission for high ticket products also means you can spend more in advertising and scale your business up. Learn more and access this business startup bundle here.

how can i make money with my laptop


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