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If you’re looking for a home earning system, look no further. There are many ways to earn from home and in this article I’ll discuss a simple strategy known as affiliate marketing. You can also see my article on how to earn from ebay here: how to start a profitable ebay business.  However, this business model is a little different to ebay. The ebay system I describe does work. I’ve successfully used it as a home earning system. Here’s the  basic break down of how it works.

Home Earning System – Ebay

home earning system

Ebay can be used as a home earning system in various ways. Some people buy in bulk from wholesalers like alibaba.com. They than create a single listing and sell their product over and over again. This requires a bulk purchase in order to get the price low enough to start earning from your sales. Ebay is so competitive that you’re competing with some major buyers who can afford to buy in such bulk they barely make money on each item. This makes it a difficult field to get into.

One other method is the one I describe in detail in my article. Basically it involves finding misspelled or badly listed ebay items. You can buy them at rock bottom prices because they don’t get the exposure they should because people can’t find them in the ebay listings. You then re-list the items with better title, description and better pictures. Start the listing at a low price to attract more people and start a bidding war.

Of course ebay can be used to sell items from your house that you no longer need too. It’s a great alternative to going to a car boot or yard sale. You can also pick up items from charity shops or car boot sales and then re-sell them on ebay for a profit. The more you get to know about the value of items, the more successful you will be. If you have a particular interest in something, like 80’s memorabilia or antiques, that’s perfect. Look for those items you can sell on at a profit.

I used ebay for years trying out various strategies like this. The best one I found was the misspelling tool strategy.

Home Earning System – Something Else

home earning system

Doug: “Coughlin’sLaw: anything else is always something better” – From the movie Cocktail (1988)

Although I had some success with this ebay system, it was time heavy. I was listing items on ebay, searching for bargains and queueing at the post office. Sometimes it seemed that this business model wasn’t helping me and I was just trapped by it.

Although the system can earn more as you find increasingly more valuable items, there was still a problem with it – it wasn’t scalable. My efforts were always my efforts. If I stopped, I would stop making money. The problem was I was still trading my time for money, even though the system offered some leverage.

After purchasing an ebook which taught the ebay system I used, I realised that the idea of selling a digital product is what would work without me having to be there! It was a home earning system which could be automated.

I bought an ebook from ebay. I paid for it online and I could access it straight away. This model I later learned could be applied to almost any product you can find on the internet. So you don’t need to create your own products, or personally talk to customers or deliver products yourself.

Home Earning System – Affiliate Marketing

home earning system

Affiliate marketing can be run from anywhere with a laptop and an internet connection. You don’t need to own any products personally or talk to any customers. It’s a business model which pays affiliates for referring people to products and services online.

Let’s say you recommend a nice restaurant to a friend. You friend goes there on your recommendation. Well, affiliate marketing is the same thing only you would earn a commission from the referral. In some cases you can earn up to 40% of a product’s cost, just by referring it to a customer.

This business model also allows you to automate and scale up. With the ebay business, I was trapped by it forever having to find more and more items to sell. A digital business model can let you sell the same product over and over again, on autopilot, from the same website. You can also scale up with paid advertising, and your cutomer base is global – with the right products.

With the affiliate business model, you can build a sustainable business which doesn’t require you to be in it! It can be automated and scaled but the best bit is you can stop trading time for money.

Home Earning System – Problems

I initially thought affiliate marketing had to be the perfect home earning system. I set off with high expectations to create a profitable business from affiliate marketing. However, I ran into several problems. First I tried to create my own products and sell them.  I created several websites but none of them worked. The harder I tried the more I seemed to fail!

It wasn’t until a lot of failures that I started looking for an online business mentor. I later learned what I was doing wrong, despite being on to a great business idea. The idea was sound. Create a website which could sell the same product again and again which could be automatically accessed online. It was just that I didn’t know how to go about it.

I later learned not to attempt to create my own products until I had a good grounding in the most important aspect of a home earning system – online marketing. With the right knowledge in marketing you can sell anything to anyone over the internet. You can sell products anywhere globally and even target somewhere specifically on the other side of the world if you want. The key was finding the right products and getting the right training.

Home Earning System

home earning system

I was trying to sell digital products for $100. With a 40% commission this meant I would earn $40 on each item. However, I was doing things in the wrong way. Even with 10 sales I would only make $400. I would need to do this day after day if I wanted to make a living out of this.

The key was in choosing products which offered a range of value. With each one I could earn slightly larger commissions than before. By using a product suite, I could earn more because of high ticket items and monthly residual sales. Plus with the right training I could focus my efforts on the right activities – generating sales rather than building products or learning.

A good home earning system has a range of products, a community of people to help and step by step training plan. You can access a digital training and education platform here which offers everything you will need to build a sustainable online business from scratch.

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