Home Based Franchises

Looking for home based franchises? Anyone can start a home based franchise business from their laptop or home computer. You don’t even need any prior knowledge or experience. But how easy is this to do, what is involved and how much does it cost?

Home Based Franchises vs Bricks and Mortar Franchises

home based franchises

The internet has brought many new opportunities with it. Franchises of the ‘bricks and mortar’ kind are very expensive just to join. Then there is the added cost of staff, rent and advertising. Before you open your doors you’re looking at the tens of thousands just for the franchise costs.

With an internet based franchise you don’t need any staff, products can be accessed remotely, so there’s no delivery cost, and there are no physical base (or rent) to pay for. Your main costs with an internet based business are advertising. Most people already have a laptop and an internet connection.

What’s Involved In A Home Based Franchise?

There’s a variety of different ways to run a home based franchise. Depending on your particular interests, skills and abilities, you can go down any number of paths with an internet business. Some owners write content on the website (blogging), some create video and other just focus on online advertising. However you want to structure your business is up to you. The key to building an internet business which makes money though, is in promoting and selling products online. This is the main way that online businesses work.

Affiliate Products Online

home based franchises

There are literally thousands of affiliate products and services available online. Choose the right products and you have a viable business model. Pick the wrong ones and you might be in for a difficult time. Affiliate products can be anything including physical goods and digital products and services.

A ‘digital’ product might be something you can download instantly or access to a members only website, for example. The good thing about digital products is that they can be accessed through a website without anyone having to physically send the product or even speak to a customer. This means your business can run, to a large extent on autopilot. See autopilot income system.

Learning To Run A Home Based Franchise

You can learn all aspects of an online business with this digital training platform. You will also be able to access all the tools, resources and information needed to build a home based franchise business. There are a few key skills involved but much of the hard work has already been done and many of the things you need, such as a website, are very simple to set up. Here are a few of the things you will learn:

  • Website setup – A largely ‘done for you’ website simple to set up
  • Linking to affiliate products – Pre-made banners will automatically have your affiliate link in them
  • Advertising training – Using various online platforms
  • Choosing the right products – Choose high ticket products with a range of built in up-sells.
  • List building – Setup of an autoresponder (automatic emailing tool)

home based franchises


Other Benefits

Benefits Of Home Based Franchises include:

  • Work from home or anywhere globally with an internet connection and laptop
  • Choose your own working hours around or other commitments
  • Build your internet business around existing employment
  • Create more freedom and flexibility in your life.

Learn how to start your own home based internet business from scratch. Login to this page and access a FREE video series with more information. 

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