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Are you looking for the highest paying affiliate programs? It makes sense to join an affiliate program which offers the highest commissions since as an affiliate you will be doing the same amount of work to sell small ticket items as you would to sell high ticket affiliate products. The difference being that you would need to sell many smaller value products in order to make the same as only one or two high ticket products.

For example if you sold a $50 item and made 50% commission as an affiliate, you would make $25 on that sale. To make a good living selling items of this value, you would need to sell many of them throughout the week or month. For high ticket products like an Elite membership, you can make $1000 commission on one sale because the sale value is $2000. With a 50% commission you earn $1000 for each sale. This allows a greater flexibility as an affiliate to use paid advertising and easily recoup your advertising spend upon making a sale. Unlike smaller value items which would be more difficult to sell online using paid advertising, simply because they don’t offer the same leverage on sale value. Selling smaller value items therefore would need to be done through free advertising or very low cost paid advertising. This of course will depend on how successful your advertising is, and how many products you can sell, relative to your advertising spend.


The highest paying affiliate programs offered on this website are up to a value of $20,000 and this is Black founder member of the DEA (The Digital Experts Academy) – learn more here: Six Figure Mentors Cost. At this level you can not only make $8000 on a sale (40% of its value), but also you can make monthly residual commissions and multi tier commissions on sales which have been referred by your team – see Six Figure Mentors Compensation Plan for more details.

Some of the key concepts to making not only the highest commissions as an affiliate, but to building a sustainable long term business from the internet are:

  • High ticket commissions – offers greater leverage and sustainability.
  • Multiple income streams – not relying on only one product to make your income.
  • Multi tier commissions – making commissions from your referrals’ sales.
  • Monthly membership commissions – making monthly income from membership sites for the lifetime of your member.


To take advantage of all these commission possibilities you can purchase the app here and upgrade to Black membership through your back office if your application is successful. Black founder member of the SFM offers the highest paid commissions and all four of these benefits. To take advantage of the first level of high ticket commissions you can upgrade through the app to Elite membership. Elite membership offers the lowest cost option but with high ticket commissions. With an Elite sale you can earn $1000 for each sale. However you don’t get the benefits of Gold Membership or Black Membership with this level.

affiliate commissions

See Six Figure Mentors Compensation Plan for more information.

The Six Figure Mentors offers a training platform with cutting edge software, back office and a community of like minded entrepreneurs who are learning to use the tools, mindsets and strategies which can enable a completely flexible business which can be operated from anywhere in the world with a laptop and internet connection. Backed by personal support and back office sales professionals, the technology and software allows simple and easy website setup, tools, plugins and training to help anyone start their own online business.

Learn more and get the basic app here which you can then upgrade to earn high ticket commissions starting from the Elite Membership level and moving up to Black Founder Membership. Or sign up to the newsletter on the right to receive the video series, information, tips and advice on building a full time sustainable internet income.

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