Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List

So here’s my highest paying affiliate programs list. If you’re going to be an affiliate marketer, you will need to work hard and put in the hours. So wouldn’t it be a good idea to make your offers high paying ones? For often the same amount of work, you can choose to promote products which will pay you either $40 or $400.

Highest paying affiliate programs are the obvious choice. If you choose the right high ticket items you can more easily use paid advertising too. Your costs are recouped more quickly from paid advertising with high end products. Plus, scaling up into the larger income brackets becomes more possible with the highest paying affiliate programs.

So, here’s my highest paying affiliate programs list.

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List

The Six Figure Mentors

So first off I’m starting with The Six Figure Mentors. I’m an affiliate for this company so I do receive an affiliate commission for any sales generated. First off The SFM is a training and education platform. Their online education platform offers mindset and affiliate marketing training for online entrepreneurs and gives anyone new to affiliate marketing the much needed mental preparation to becoming a full time online entrepreneur.

highest paying affiliate programs list

Their affiliate program also offers the ability to make up to $8000 for a single sale at the top end, with lower value commissions available of $1000 at a lower ‘buy in’ rate. The Elite level membership is a no brainer really and if you really want to make a living out of an online business this is a great opportunity. Like any affiliate program however, success isn’t guaranteed but depends on your own efforts.

You can access the SFM program here with a range of free videos. Plus get a free month of training too.

You can access your own website with pre-built affiliate banners. This takes only a few steps to set up using the ‘push and play’ software. You also get a ready made sales funnel, a built in email series and a range of high ticket products which you can promote through your website and or landing pages. There’s a landing page creator if you want to create your own tailor made landing pages or you can use one of the pre-made ones. The support is one of the best things about The SFM. You can access a community of people who are on hand to help. Plus there’s a number of seminars and events you can attend which run year round worldwide.

The online training modules talk you step by step through your online business setup process. Once everything is set up you simply need to promote it. There’s tonnes of content and videos available to learn from and regular live training events.

Access a free video series and learn more here.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemmer is an American company offering free affiliate access. They pay out 8% commissions on their products. Although doesn’t sound like much, especially compared to 40% on most digital products, some of their products are high end.  Take a look at these hovercrafts, for example. The highest priced is $190,000. That’s a cool $15,200 in commission for selling one! Not too shabby!

highest paying affiliate programs list

Or take a look at this Robot. at $65,000 you could earn $5200 just by referring a single sale. It makes you wonder why affiliate marketers bother with low cost items, when they could be targeting these kinds of products instead. Providing you target your audience correctly, it takes a similar amount of effort to sell a $40 product!

You can join the Hammacher Schlemmer affiliate program here. See their main website here.

Regal Assets

Regal Assets offers long retirement and investment plans including gold bullion and Gold IRA investment plans. Because of the average investment plan, even at a 3% commission rate, you can earn $3000 on a $100,000 investment plan. If you have an interest in investments or a website which suits this kind of affiliate program, it’s wise to choose one of the highest paying affiliate programs like this one.

You can join their program here and see their main website here. Investors mostly purchase gold and silver in bulk from this company. The average gold investment ranges from $20,000 – $80,000. On a $20,000 investment you would earn $600 at 3%.

The company, Regal Assets was founded  by Tyler Gallagher in 2009. The company started with only $5,000 and an ambitious goal: to simplify and renovate the precious metals investment landscape. Today Regal Assets is the most successful Gold IRA company in the USA and number 20 on the famous ‘INC 500′ list.

As an affiliate for Regal Assets you are provided with banner advertising which you can use on your website and lead generation forms. If you meet the criteria for a ‘super affiliate’ and fulfil some additional requirements, you can also earn $100 per qualified lead you send to them.

WP Engine

WP engine is a premium wordpress hosting service. All of their staff members are experts and you will get the best possible hosting service with WP engine. You can earn up to $7,500 for a referral with this program plus additional bonus commissions on your referrals.

For example 5 monthly sales would earn you a bonus commission of $100 on top of your basic commission. A basic referral will generally mean you earn $200 or the first monthly payment of a customer – whichever is greater. So, for example, if you referred a ‘monster’ client (with a massive budget) you could earn a whopping commission (up to $7,500).

There’s lots of benefits to promoting WP Engine. It’s a top end service though so you’ll need to target your audience appropriately. Not everyone wants (or needs) such a dedicated hosting service.

You can sign up as a WP Engine affiliate here. See the main WP Engine website here.

Some other benefits include two tier payouts. This is where you earn an extra $50 for any sales coming from your initial referrals. So if one of your previous customers refers someone, you earn a commission. Plus you can benefit from cookies which don’t expire. This means if your initially referred customer link is months old, and they come back, you still earn the commission for a sale. WP Engine also offer certain affiliates their own custom landing pages.

Colmex – Stocks and Forex Trading Company

Colmex offer a stocks, CFD and Forex (foreign exchange) trading service. They pay out 3% of deposits made into accounts referred by the affiliate. This means on a deposit of $10,000 you would earn $300. on a deposit of $30,000 you would earn $900 in commissions.

Commission on Individual ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ orders

In addition to this you can also receive up to 25% of the commissions (made by Colmex) on individual trades made by your referred customers. Trade commissions are charged at 0.01% of the trading amount. So for a trade deal of 10,000 shares, Colmex receives $100 commission on both the ‘buy’ and on the ‘sell’ orders. This totals $200. You would receive 25% of this (or $50).

You can learn more or join their affilaite program here. See Colmex main website here.

So there you have it! That’s my highest paying affiliate programs list. Can you think of any more? Please add any suggestions in the comments section below. Of course there is also JVZoo.com which offers a huge range of affilaite products. You just need to sift through the low paying ones and find the highest paying affilaite programs. Ideally it is better to find the highest paying affiliate programs in order to benefit from affilaite marketing. If you aim low, that’s what you’ll hit! Aim high instead!

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List

So you’ve got the highest paying affiliate programs list. What do you do with it!? Any of these programs could make you rich, or incredibly frustrated! You need to target the right audience for your products in order to be successful. If you have a particular interest in any one of the above programs, that’s probably the program for you. If you have a passion in what you are doing it makes it so much more easy to learn about, write about and promote. Choosing a program just because it’s highly paid, isn’t going to necessarily make it a success for you.

You still need to generate the traffic to your programs and not just any old traffic. You need buyer traffic. For example let’s take WP Engine. This is a high end product which won’t appeal to the wrong audience. You need to target large businesses and corporations with a huge budget. You don’t want poor affiliate marketers clicking through your high ticket offers if this is what you are promoting. If you have a suitable platform to promote an offer from, which is appropriate to your business, choose the program which is the best fit for your customer/visitor base.

This might even mean choosing lower value items. However, it’s much better to sell some products than none! If you already have an audience, customer base or email list even, choose the things which are of the most use to them.

Checkout my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit here. In it I share TWO single requirements to get right before creating any content. This can save you tonnes of wasted effort. You should also check out why target marketing is important.

highest paying affiliate programs list

I hope you’ve enjoyed this highest paying affiliate programs list. Please leave a comment or share this article. Also please add your own highest paying affiliate programs list, for any programs I might have missed.

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