Highest Paying Affiliate Niches

What are the highest paying affiliate niches? High paying affiliate niches are ‘evergreen’ which means they sell all year round. These are niches in the health, wealth and love/relationship arenas. The health niche includes fitness, bodybuilding, wellness, spirituality, mental well being and so on. The wealth niche includes anything to do with making money, building wealth, businesses, trading FOREX etc. Deciding which niche to build an affiliate business in can mean the difference between success and failure as an affiliate marketer.

Highest Paying Affiliate Niches – Marketing

highest paying affiliate niches

But your chosen niche isn’t the only consideration when looking to build an online business. You also need to think about how you want to market your business. The fastest way to do this is with paid online marketing. If you’re going to go down this route, you’d better have a good product line. Otherwise you can spend a fortune and not even make a sale.

Those who succeed online with affiliate marketing understand the business model they are in. This makes all the difference. If you’re going to make a success of an online business, in any niche, you need the right education. Without the right understanding of an affiliate marketing model, it can be like banging your head repeatedly against a wall.

This is because an affiliate marketing model can be very counter intuitative. For example, unless you’re used to running a business, you probably don’t think you’re going to need to spend first before you start making money.

When I started looking at affilaite marketing, I thought I could throw up a website and people would come. Unfortunately, nobody saw my websites. I didn’t understand the marketing side of the business. A website can be considered to be a small back street shop which is hidden down a dark alley, one which no one can see the entrance to! Even though you have access to the internet, and therefore a global audience with an online business, you must still generate the interest in your products and or service. This is done with advertising – both through content creation and direct response marketing.

Highest Paying Affiliate Niches – Direct Response Marketing

Yes this article about the highest paying affiliate niches. However, even with the best possible niche, your marketing is still the driving engine of your business, hence why I am focusing on this first. Without a proper marketing engine behind your affiliate business, it will most certainly fail. The best and fastest way to build an online business is with direct response marketing. Creating content to draw people to your products is another method, but this is a much slower and less reliable method of generating sales for two very good reasons.

  1. You can’t control how well your content does – Google has the last say as to whether it ranks in the search engines (although you can share it and market it yourself)
  2. You can’t scale up content creation like you can a profitable paid advertising campaign.

Yes content creation can have dramatic effects on your business. It can continue to bring in qualified traffic to your offers too. But the biggest problem is that it can’t be scaled up to reach larger numbers of people. This is a major ‘key’ to the success of promoting high paying affiliate niches.

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs – High Ticket Items

See this highest paying affiliate programs list for a range of affiliate programs with high ticket items. High ticket items are another major ‘key’ which successful affiliates marketers use to build online businesses. If you’re going to put in the hours in a business and pay for advertising, you need to make sure your paid advertising and efforts are backed up by the right programs to bring in a nice profit.

If you’re promoting a low value offer, it severely limits what you can expect to spend on advertising. That’s why it is best to place yourself in a good position in the beginning, before you start, with the highest paying affiliate programs. Programs which pay out commissions of up to $8000 a sale, for example, allow an affiliate to spend much more on advertising, knowing they will earn back much more than they spend. In this scenario, an affiliate could spend over $8000 in advertising, break even and then keep earning from regular commissions.

Subscription Products – Another Major ‘Key’ To Successful Affiliate Marketing

Subscription products can allow you to ‘gear’ your advertising so that overall you stand to gain, even if you break even in the first instance. Let’s say for example you spend $8000 on advertising and make an $8000 sale. You effectively would have broken even. Unless that is you are also using subscription items.

Subscription products are another major key of the successful affiliate marketing model. With subscriptions, you can continue to earn from your previous sales on a monthly basis. Subscriptions come from membership websites offering continued services. As your sales build up so do your subscriptions. Subscriptions offer a means to build a substantial business over time, rather than just relying on continual sales.

Integrated Product Suites – Highest Paying Affiliate Niches

Product suites, integrated sales teams, up-sells, memberships and high ticket sales are all strategies which top affiliates use within the highest paying affiliate niches. Even with a high paying product, you need to consider that you will need to sell the item again and again. With product suites, you can sell an item and allow the integrated product suite to do the ‘up-selling’ for you while you concentrate on sending new leads through the sales funnel. A product ‘suite’ has a range of products starting with an ‘entry level’ item. As the customer passed through the product membership area, they can choose whether to upgrade their product to more expensive items which offer greater value.

Think of Apple and its range of products. Apple have products ranging from the IPhone to the IPad, the MacBook, Apple TV and Apple watch. Not everyone has all their products but their range means that they can cater to a wider audience. If Apple had an affiliate program (they don’t), it would be a great one to join.

You can access a range of products, eduation and training, an online digital community and a business system you can use straight away to start an online business in one of the highest paying affiliate niches. Access a free video series here to get started.

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