Highest Paid Internet Marketers

What do the highest paid internet marketers do and why are they so successful? Many internet marketers began their journey with affiliate marketing and build their own range of products online. The highest paid internet marketers have also built a huge following online and sell multiple products on autopilot.

The nature of online marketing means products can be sold without anyone actually being their to oversee the transaction. This level of automation means online marketers can earn a nice income and automate much of the process too. See autopilot money making system.

Highest Paid Internet Marketers

highest paid internet marketers

High paid internet marketers have learned how to scale their business. Once you have a system to sell products online you can use advertising strategies to deliver more products to more people without having to do much more work. Let’s say you have a website with some downloadable products for sale. You can sell them and people can access them all on autopilot. You only need the right visitors to land on your website. They purchase the items through an automated checkout process, much like with the online retailer Amazon. Once this process is working, the online marketer simply sends more people to the website with targeted advertising. See why is target market important.

Highest Paid Online Marketers

highest paid internet marketers

The highest paid online marketers also have a long term strategy. They sell products and services which generate an ongoing income from each sale, not ‘one off’ items. Items which have monthly memberships and subscriptions generate far more income for an affiliate than single transaction items. With a membership item, affiliates can potentially earn a lifetime income from a single sale. With multiple sales this income can grow exponentially over time, bringing in a passive income for the affiliate for sales previously generated. See passive streams of income ideas.

Highest Paid Online Marketers – Other Strategies

Other strategies which the highest paid internet marketer use include:

  • List building – Building a list of subscribers and selling products and services through the list
  • Multi-level products – Selling digital and physical products which have an up-sell range from which they earn commissions
  • Built in sales team – Top affiliates earn income by choosing products with a built in sales team. They can therefore benefit from ongoing sales made after their initial customer referral.
  • Monthly memberships – As mentioned above, memberships give the affiliate marketer long term sustainability from each sale.
  • High Ticket Items – Selling high value items means commissions are larger for each sale. In addition, it is much easier to scale into the tens of thousands when dealing with high ticket items. You would need to sell a low ticket product many more times in order to make the same money for a high ticket item.

Highest Paid Internet Marketers – Use Paid Advertising

Advertising online is now very sophisticated. Anyone can open an account with Google’s Adwords program or Facebook’s advertising program and reach a global audience. By targeting a specific demographic you can reach people by virtue of their interests, age range, sex, geographical location and many other variables. This makes targeting your market audience very easy and cheap.

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By testing and measuring advertising strategies you can scale up what works and shut down what doesn’t. Over time you can use these strategies to build on and create a perpetual income from continuous sales online. All of this is largely automated and so you can in effect create an autopilot money making system of sorts.

By using several advertising methods and through testing and measuring over time, the highest paid affiliate marketers generate multiple sources of traffic to their products. Many high paid affiliate go on to create their own products and services and use affiliates to promote their products too. However, you don’t need to do this to build a successful online business. Many affiliate marketers simply promote other people’s goods and services online. Learn how to do this here.


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