Highest Paid Affiliate Marketers

Who are the highest paid affiliate marketers? Typically the highest paid affiliate marketers sell high ticket programs. They also have built a huge list of subscribers. Many affiliate marketers go on to create their own programs which they then promote through their own affiliates. This way they put the risk and advertising layout out to affiliates who create sales for them.

Highest Paid Affiliate Marketers

Top affiliates can earn huge incomes. This is because of the nature of affiliate marketing and the business model. Affiliate marketing lets people earn such huge salaries because of the tools and strategies which are available to them:

  • Automatic emails – an email “autoresponder” can automate delivery of emails and collection of email addresses. By promoting and selling digital products through an email series, affiliates can reach huge numbers of people from a single email, and make large amounts of sales.
  • Digital Products – The rise of digital products has meant affiliates can sell almost anything online. They don’t need to create their own products or services either. They can simply refer customers to another product. Delivery and customer service is completely organized by product owners and so this lets the affiliate concentrate solely on marketing.
  • Targeted advertising – lets the affiliate target very specifically the customers who would most benefit from the purchase of various products online. It also means affiliates can scale globally in a very efficient and cost effective manner.

highest paid affiliate marketers

Highest Paid Affiliate Marketers – High Ticket Products

Selling low priced items limits each sale to a low commission. You would need to sell thousands of a $100 item in order to make a good living. By selling items priced $1000 + the affiliate makes a larger commission on each item. Choosing the right business model is therefore is a key insight which the highest paid affiliate marketers use to their advantage. In addition, high paid affiliates also use a clever business model with key strategies factored in to their products:

  • A series of products from which they generate income – Selling a single item only generates a single commission. Wise affiliate know that it is the lifetime value of a customer which is more important than a single online sale. By finding products which give a lifetime value, top earning affiliate can generate sale after sale from single customers.
  • Monthly Memberships and Subscriptions – Again, by selling products which charge a monthly membership, the affiliate earns in an ongoing and passive way. See best passive income streams.
  • High Ticket Items – As mentioned above, by selling high priced items the affiliate can make larger commissions for largely the same work as smaller commissions.
  • Built in sales team – Affiliate businesses are not created equally. Depending on which one you attach yourself with will determine your business potential. Using one with a built in sales team and multiple high ticket items to up-sell will mean more commissions in the future based on a initial basic sale. Lower value sales can also lead to higher value sales further down the road.

Highest Paid Affiliate Marketers – The Secret Is The List

All top online marketers have their own list of subscribers. That way they can reach thousands of people with a single (and automated) email. An email list means affiliates can promote items to their list on a continual basis. They can also perpetually grow their list to the tens of thousands and above. Even in the event of only a small percentage of their subscribers purchasing from them, their odds increase massively over time as their list grows. Selling high ticket products through a growing list of subscribers is one of the ‘secrets’ of the top affiliate marketers.


List Building – Marketing

highest paid affiliate marketers

The main skill set of an affiliate marketer is in marketing. Affiliates who struggle with marketing will also struggle with making money through their affiliate business. Building a list takes time of course and it is done through marketing. Whether by using free methods like article writing, video creation and other content sharing methods, or paid for advertising.

The highest paid affiliate marketers don’t spend all their time creating content though. This is a much slower method of marketing. Paid advertising is the fastest and most effective method to build an online business fast. Online marketing platforms like Facebook and Google’s Adwords program let anyone open an account and start marketing to a global audience. The platforms are so good you can target people by their demographics such as:

  • Gender (Facebook)
  • Geographical location
  • Interests
  • Age range (Facebook)
  • Search queries (Adwords)

In my upcoming e-book I will be sharing more details about marketing methods online. Sign up to my list to be notified when it’s finished!

highest paid affiliate marketers
Highest Paid Affiliate Marketers

Highest Paid Affiliate Marketers – Offer Value

Of course high paid affiliates sell products, over and over again. They don’t make money unless they can do this. They have mastered the tools which operate largely on autopilot to sell products globally to a very targeted audience. See autopilot cash system. But in many cases people buy from people, not through websites. Good affiliates have learned that they not only need to sell products but they also need to offer value. And they need to do this first.

Offering value and building trust are very important on the internet. With a shop you can tell whether the person is trustworthy or not. You can get a fell for who a shop owner is. On the internet, however, you don’t know who you a re dealing with. They could be gone tomorrow whereas the shop owner at least has a physical shop you can return to if there is a problem .

Highest Paid Affiliate Marketing – Value and Trust Online

Good affiliates know this and are prepared to offer massive value before they expect to sell. Also they mostly sell through their list. Selling from a website is much harder unless you have a trusted brand like Amazon for example. When someone lands on your website they have a few minutes to make up their minds about you. They have only a short time to decide whether to buy or not. Once they have joined your list however, you can build a relationship over months, years and even decades. There is much more chance and opportunity for you to sell to a customer, given this relationship.

The highest paid affiliate marketers know this and are prepared to spend a lot of time in building relationships first, before expecting potential customers to buy from them. They offer massive value and help people first. Once someone has gained your trust, they are much more likely to purchase from you.





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