Highest Commission Affiliate Products

The highest commission affiliate products offer 40-50% of the product’s value. Your actual compensation depends on the value of the products that you are promoting. You also need to take into account whether your commissions will be ongoing. If you are promoting a monthly membership course you would earn monthly affiliate commissions on your sales.  For example if you earn 40% on a monthly membership fee of $29.95 per month, you would earn $11.98 per month. If, for example you earned 10% affiliate commission on a product worth $20,000, you would earn $2000.

Subscription products add up though. With 100 members you would earn $1198.00 per month given the above example, just from your subscriptions. Even though this is only around half the commission from a high ticket sale like the $20,000 product, you will be making this every month from subscriptions (with 100 subscribers). With high value products your sales will be more sporadic at best.

Highest Commission Affiliate Products

High ticket affiliate products allow you to make more per sale than you would of smaller value items. When you combine monthly membership offers with an ‘up-sell’ to high ticket affiliate products you have the highest commission affiliate products available. You would earn, in this case, monthly membership commissions in addition to high end commissions on your high ticket products sold on the back end.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the affiliate commissions from The SFM (Six Figure Mentors) program which offer some the highest paid affiliate commissions available.

Highest Commission Affiliate Products*

 *Since this table was created the SFM application has changed price to $29.95 (Correct at time of writing)

Top Paid Affiliate Programs

Here is a chart showing some of the top paid affiliate program levels from The SFM. As you can see, the higher cost programs offer up to 10% commissions at the level of Elite+ membership. However, you can also ‘buy into’ a higher level of up to 40% commission on a $20,000 product (Black Founder Member). This would mean you could earn $8000 from one sale. Learn more here. high paying affiliate offers


Big Ticket Affiliate Programs

The DEA -Digital Experts Academy offers the highest paid affiliate commissions in the SFM program. Here is a breakdown of earning potential at the various levels of membership:

top paid affiliate programs


DEA Partner Program

The DEA Partner program offers big ticket affiliate programs with the highest commissions paying 40% of a sale on level one and 10% on level 2. This means you still earn 10% commission on products sold by affiliates who you have introduced. You also earn monthly membership affiliate commission based on the number of members you have introduced. This means that your team can earn you commissions, in addition to your own sales and up-sells closed by the company.

Best Residual Income

The DEA Black membership offers the best residual income from sales which come from:

  • Sales from members you have referred (10%),
  • Current sales you are making (40%),
  • Existing memberships residual monthly commissions (40%)

Join Affiliate Program

You can join this affiliate program by signing up to a FREE email series which explains more about how to run an affiliate business, what to do to make sales online, how you can sell anything online and the variety of marketing methods used to get the best results.

The highest commission affiliate products are found by selling high ticket products with memberships and multi-tier sales commissions. With this program you also have a sales team to back up any online sales you make. There are no cold calls and you don’t even have to speak with anyone to make a sale. Learn more and get started here.

How To Create Residual Income

The quickest way to create a residual income through affiliate marketing by selling memberships. Selling a ‘one off’ product online is only short lived income. You need to sell multiple items in order to make it work. By selling memberships you create a monthly residual income for as long as that person remains a member of the website/community.

By selling multiple memberships you can create a sustainable income from monthly residuals. In addition if your membership site has multi-tier commissions (as in the DEA Black level mentioned above) and high ticket commissions, it becomes a much more viable residual opportunity than if you were only selling single items with no residual (back-end) income attached.

Selling Through Passive Means

Having the right program to sell is one way to create a residual income but you can also create residual sales from your website. By having a constant online presence through your website and advertising programs you can bring people into your program by work which has been done previously. Getting traffic to your site from free online methods like blogging and creating videos is a simple way to generate a passive stream of visitors to your website. If you can turn these visitors into buyers you have a passive stream of income from:

  • Online sales
  • Membership renewals
  • Upgraded memberships
  • High ticket memberships (at higher membership levels)
  • Multi-tier sales coming from your referrals own sales (At DEA Black level)

Learn more and get access to all the tools, software and information to build a long term sustainable business from your laptop. Access this FREE VIDEO course here.


The highest commission affiliate products are high ticket sales of memberships. However, you also need to consider the income you can make from the lifetime value of a customer. Having a sales system in place which benefits from up-sells to existing customers, subscriptions and multi-tier sales also plays a part in your income.

Choosing to sell high ticket items with multiple income streams attached is one of the best ways to make money on the internet. Even with a high ticket product, unless you have multiple income streams, you are going to earn less from one sale than from your ongoing commissions. As you make further sales, your monthly commissions due to subscriptions eventually overtakes the income from a single sale. That’s why subscription products are the best to use, even if they are not the highest commission affiliate products themselves.

Access more information and a range of high ticket items which include subscription products, multi-tier sales and built in sales team with up-sells.

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