High Ticket Business Opportunities

One of the best high ticket business opportunities is in affiliate marketing. High ticket sales funnels can be used to sell other people’s digital products over the internet. This has a number of advantages over traditional businesses:

high ticket business opportunities

  • You can start from anywhere globally
  • Your costs are much lower than for a traditional startup business
  • There’s no staff or business premises needed
  • You can work from a laptop with an internet connection
  • It’s a globally scalable business model
  • You can automate processes and create a business which gives you time and financial freedom.
  • You can use automation to ‘leverage’ your time and create multiple income streams

High Ticket Business Opportunities – Affiliate Marketing

So what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular internet business models available. It allows anyone to recommend products and services over the internet and earn commissions based on their sales. By creating multiple adverts, or building a lot of content, you can draw website traffic, or visitors to your content. From there, you can recommend various products and services which you think your visitors would benefit from and value.

high ticket business opportunities

As you send your traffic to various offers and people purchase goods and services, you earn commissions based on those sales. All of this process can be automated with tools and software to make life much easier. Once you have an automated strategy which works, you can ‘rinse and repeat’ the same process to create multiple income ‘trickles’. If you’re creating content, like this article for example, you can create multiple articles which draw website traffic to your offers. If you are running adverts, you can test and measure adverts to find the ones which give you the best results. Once you find them, you can leave them running and scale them up by increasing your budget.

If you get this right, and especially for high ticket business opportunities, turning up your budget can be like turning up your profits. You just need to test and measure first, so you know you have a profitable campaign running.

High Ticket Business Opportunities – The Sales Funnel

A sales ‘funnel’ is a major tool of an affiliate marketer. By sending website visitors down a sales funnel, the affiliate can extend the time it takes for someone to make a buying decision. On a website, someone only has a few minutes to decide whether to buy or not. Once they are on your email list, this time period is extended into the weeks, months and even years and decades. Successful affiliate marketers use email marketing to build a huge email list and continue to drip feed their subscribers with their offers and services. They also know to build value into their lists in order to build trust and deliver content which is worth opening!

high ticket business opportunities

High Ticket Business Opportunities – The High Ticket Sales Funnel

Not all affiliate products are alike. In fact there are thousands of products to choose from on the internet. You could spend decades learning this skill and not get anywhere! Long term affiliates who are successful have learned that the best returns on their investment comes from a high ticket sales funnel. This is one of the best high ticket business opportunities due to the ability to automate sales and referrals.

As an affiliate marketer, you’re not concerned with delivering the product or dealing with the customers. That’s the job of the product owner. Affiliates know how to send targeted website traffic to offers which pay them good commissions for their sales. Many digital products pay out 40%+ for their sales which makes it a lucrative business if you learn how to do it properly.

Affiliate marketers therefore are only concerned with referring sales. The ‘back-end’ of the sales process is delivered by the company who owns the products and or services. If an affiliate marketer learns how to automate and scale up their marketing efforts, they can create both financial and time freedom because of this business model. This is where many terms like ‘laptop lifestyle’ come from. Many of the ‘new rich’ who have these so called ‘laptop lifestyles’ are affiliate marketers who have learned how to use high ticket business opportunities like this one to leverage online sales and create freedom in their lives.

How High Ticket Sales Funnels Work

A good high ticket sales funnel will have a product ‘suite’ to offer to a customer. This is very different to many typical affiliate products on the market. Many affiliates don’t know to use this model and spend a lot of time trying to promote lower value products on their websites.

high ticket business opportunities

High ticket products allow you to earn 40% commissions on products valued over $1000. This gives you more of an edge when using paid advertising. It means you can use the more expensive platforms like Facebook and Youtube for your advertising. It also allows you to spend more while testing and measuring your campaigns. This is important when starting out because you won’t know which adverts work and which don’t. So initially, you’ll spend some money learning how to effectively use paid advertising, if you choose this route. High ticket funnels will give you a larger return on investment than lower value items.

A good high ticket funnel should include:

  • High ticket products valued at $1000-$30,000
  • Subscription products which pay you monthly for each referral
  • The ability to earn commissions on your referrals when they repurchase another item later on – most affiliate programs don’t offer this.
  • Up-sells – a range of ever more valuable products to offer your customers
  • A built in sales team
  • Multi-tier sales – Earn commissions from your referrals *depending on your position in the business structure.

Learn more and access a high ticket sales funnel here (plus an online business community with tutorials and assistance).

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