High Ticket Affiliate Programs

What are high ticket affiliate programs? ‘High ticket’ simply means a larger than average price tag. Many digital products are priced from $50 – $200 and with an affiliate commission of 40% this would let the affiliate earn $20 – $80 per sale. High ticket affiliate products are priced from $500 – $20,000. This means that given the same 40% commission level, an affiliate could earn $200-$8000 for a high ticket sale. This makes sense to do considering than an affiliate selling either product would be doing the same activity.

There may be a larger market for a lower value product. However, with an international reach, and global audience, it makes sense to target an audience appropriate for high ticket affiliate programs. See why target market is important.

high ticket affiliate programs

High Ticket Affiliate Programs – Why Choose Them?

The job of an affiliate marketer is to sell affiliate products. To do that affiliates use certain tactics like blogging, list building and advertising. The same work is involved whether selling smaller value products and high ticket products. Selling a product for $1000 sounds more difficult than selling one for $100. But an affiliate marketer can still sell both using the same tactics.  Also, it is much easier for the affiliate to scale their business up with high ticket products than it is with low cost items.

Making $10,000 online is much easier to do when selling high ticket items. To make that figure with a $100 item when you make $40 on each sale would mean selling 250 items. Selling an item for $1000 and making $400 on each sale would only require selling 25 items. 10 times less than the low ticket item. Although it may be slightly more tricky selling a high ticket item is isn’t 10 times more difficult.

High Ticket Items And Other Considerations

Selling a high ticket item gives you a higher rate of commission. However, if you also sell affiliate products which have memberships, you can benefit from a monthly income from each sale. This tactic massively improves your chances of success online. You should also choose a program which gives you credit for the customer you have referred, for the lifetime value of that customer.

Amazon, for example, pays you a commission for a sale you have referred to them. They even have a cookie policy which can extend to up to 90 day in some circumstances. This means a customer who doesn’t purchase straight away can still make you a commission, if they return within the time period and purchase an item. However, what they don’t give you is commission on the lifetime value of that customer. Once the cookie policy has expired, and the customer returns, you don’t earn any more commissions. You have made Amazon a customer with your efforts, but are no longer rewarded. Amazon has made a new customer.

high ticket affiliate programs
                                                                                        SFM Elite Commission Structure


High Ticket Products and Higher Ticket Products

You can also choose  a program which offers lifetime commissions for your referrals. If a customer you have referred goes on to purchase another product with that company, you still get a commission for it. You also benefit from sales made by the company after your initial referral. A built in sales team closes sales for which you receive commissions. For sales of high ticket affiliate programs up to $20,000, you would receive $8000, given a commission of 40%. Having a range of products to suit more people is another vital element when choosing which program to join.  Not everyone will want a $20,000 product. But some will. By having a range of products with a range of prices, you cater for a broader range of people.

Look at Apple. They have a range of products to suit a wide range of people. Not everyone can afford all their products. There is the I-phone, I-pad, Mac book, TV, Watch and I-pod. And each product has a range of prices within each category to suit.

High Ticket Affiliate Programs – Scaling up

Scaling a high ticket affiliate program which has the following concepts built into its structure is much easier than trying to succeed online by selling a single product over and over again:

  • A community based product
  • Monthly memberships
  • Lifetime commissions from a single point of sale
  • A built in sales team
  • A range of products

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