High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

I was totally unaware of high ticket affiliate marketing when I started out online. Back then, I was promoting low value items which sold for $100 or so. I would earn $40 on the sale, if it was a digital product and much less for physical products. High ticket products though, were a total game changer for me. When I learned about high ticket products and first sold one, I realised the huge potential of them.

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A high ticket product is something which sells for $1000+, for example. Sell a $1000 high ticket item and you’ll earn $400 on a 40% commission. It’s obviously worth much more to the affiliate, but do you need to work harder or get through more people to actually sell high ticket affiliate marketing products?

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – Same Effort Greater Results

One of the beauties of being an affiliate marketer is that you’ve got a stab at a global audience. This means that, providing your targeting is good, it takes no more effort to acquire a high ticket sale, than it does a low value item. True, there may be more people who will want (and can afford) a lower value item. But it takes ten times the amount of sales of a $100 product to make the same as a single high ticket item worth $1000. Selling a high ticket product definitely isn’t ten times as hard as selling a low ticket product. In fact, you’ll be doing much the same amount of work in many cases.

high ticket affiliate marketing

So would you rather do all that work for $40 or for $400?

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – Advertising + Scaling Up

There’s another benefit of choosing high ticket affiliate marketing products too. When it comes to advertising you’ve much more choice. If you only make $40 on your item, you’re going to need to be some kind of genius if you want to use paid advertising. It’s much more difficult to run a paid advertising campaign and come out on top with low value items. This can limit you to only cheaper of free marketing strategies.

With high ticket affiliate marketing, you can afford to use better advertising platforms and run your adverts for longer. You only need a couple of sales to break even with your campaign or come out with a profit. With low ticket products you’ll need to shift a lot of products in order to get the same income back from your budget.

high ticket affiliate marketing

When it comes to increasing your budget and scaling up, high ticket affiliate marketing wins again. It’s much easier to scale up into the higher earning brackets if you’re using high ticket affiliate products.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – Product ‘Suites’

A product ‘suite’ gives you a huge advantage too. With a range of products you have more to offer your customers. You can offer more than one product and you can earn in more than one way with a product suite. A good product suite will have an entry level product and many up-sells which are worth more value the further up the scale you go. Ideally a product suite should have:

  • High ticket products,
  • Up-sells
  • Residual income products – recurring commissions
  • A built in sales team – closing your sales
  • Multi-tier sales – earn from your referrals’ sales.

A good sales funnel will also also give you a higher return on your investment over the long run. The more value driven your email series is, the more likely your subscribers will get to know, like and trust you.

An average sales funnel will give a return of $1 per month for each subscriber. Of course this depends on a number of variables. But if you’ve got a well-targeted list and a good follow up, $1 per subscriber per month is good average. With a high ticket product suite, this figure increases to $5 per subscriber. This gives you much more leverage when it comes to using paid advertising. Your return on investment is much greater than with a basic low cost affiliate product.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – Mindset

Like any sort of affiliate marketing, high ticket affiliate marketing still takes time and effort to learn. It’s no “magic bullet”. You still need to learn how to market your sales funnel to the right audience. This can take some testing and measuring. For those who try and give up, they are missing a trick. The marketers who stick to the process, and overcome their initial problems, are able to run adverts which make sales. Once they find an advert which works and produces a profit, they can create many more using the same strategy.

high ticket affiliate marketing

Checkout my ebook which explains the marketing process in greater detail, and why you should know your return on investment, value of a customer and cost per customer acquisition.It also explains the testing and measuring process which is vital for success with direct response marketing.

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