High Paying Flexible Careers

One of the best high paying flexible careers is that of an affiliate marketer. The earnings of affiliates can range from nothing right the way up to tens of thousands per month. Most affiliates start out earning very little and only start to earn after having learned various online skills and put them into practice.

The highest paying affiliate marketers sell products and services digitally through their websites and email list which has been built up over time to tens of thousands of subscribers. By sending a single email out to their list, affiliates can sell a single product many times over. Because the products are accessible online, there is no posting or checkout procedures to carry out. The affiliate simply sends the customer to a link, the customers go to a website and access their product or service online. Because of the automation involved, the whole process can be scaled and many customers sent to the same website at the same time. See autopilot money making system.

high paying flexible careers

High Paying Flexible Careers - Flexibility

Affiliate marketing offers probably the most flexible business opportunity available today. No other job or career can offer the ability to work around existing commitments and tailor your business to your lifestyle in quite the same way as affiliate marketing. This is because affiliates can use their laptop and an internet connection to connect with people internationally, selling products and services worldwide.

Affiliate marketers get performance related pay. It is not like a job and so unless you can effectively sell products online you don’t get paid. On the plus side, if you learn how to effectively sell products over and over again, you can earn a lot and scale your business.

High Paying Flexible Careers – Scaling Your Online Business

high paying flexible careers

Scaling an online affiliate business is the exciting part of affiliate marketing. Unlike a normal job where you trade your time for money, affiliate marketing allows you to use systems and software to automate large parts of the business. For example an email auto-responder allows you to send pre-made emails out to your list when you choose. You can also set up an email series which is sent out automatically as and when people opt-in to your auto-responder.

Landing pages allow people to opt-in to your email list after having informed them of your products and services. Products can be bought and accessed automatically from a laptop anywhere in the world. This gives anyone the ability to have a global business which is available internationally. Due to the large amount of automation involved, this model can be scaled up to reach an international audience.

High Paying Flexible Careers – The Right Business Model

Using the right business model will make your affiliate business much more effective. Selling a $10 e-book online can take some time initially. To turn this sale into a business and make a $1000 you would need to sell 100 of them. It is much easier and less time consuming to sell a single $2000 product and make $1000 (at 50% commission) than it is to sell 100 of your e-books and make the same amount (even at 100% commission/profit).

Scaling Up

Scaling a small e-book to make 100 to 1000 sales is a lot harder than selling high ticket products which sell for $2000+ each. Although there are less people willing to spend $2000 on an online product, it is much harder to find 1000 people for your e-book than to find 10 people for your high ticket product.

A Good Affiliate Model

A good affiliate model will also have a built in sales team and up-sells (from which you earn a commission). By selling products which range in value up to $20,000+ you stand to earn larger commissions from the customers you have already referred. All the up-selling is done for you by the built in sales team. See done for you internet business and entrepreneurs looking for partners.

Access Online Training Platform

Learn how to build an affiliate marketing business with this online training platform. See also this article on turnkey internet business and online profits for dummies.

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