High Paying Careers For Introverts

Are there any high paying careers for introverts? It can be hard to get ahead if you’re an introvert. You don’t have the go-getting and sometimes ‘pushy’ nature of the alpha-male or female to help. This can hold you back in careers where otherwise you may be even ahead of the competition. But not being naturally gregarious can stop you from moving forwards.

If your natural tendency is to hold back, rather than push yourself to the front, you might have held yourself back when other, more pushy individuals, take your place at the top!

High Paying Careers For Introverts

But in what industries does it pay you to be introverted? Introverts tend to work well alone and often under less supervision. I personally have never liked having an overbearing boss. But, by the time they figured that out I was already long gone! Being an introvert never helped me in careers when I was working for other people. But then if you’re working for someone else you’re building their dreams and not your own. If you spend all your time working for someone else you’ll never be free.

high paying careers for introverts

What are the high paying careers for introverts? Are there any at all? Or do the high paying careers always get taken by the pushy and mouthy types?!

High Paying Careers For Introverts – The Internet

If you like time alone and are thoughtful like most introverts, you probably find those kinds of positions. Often you’ll end up working from someone else in some kind of assistant role. But where are the great jobs for introverts? The answer I have found is the internet!

I started looking for methods to earn from the internet around 20 years ago. It was during a period of unemployment and I could only get low paid work such as labour intensive jobs. I wasn’t qualified for any career so I went from one job to another with no real sense of purpose.

The internet offered the promise of something better. I could work for myself on the internet and didn’t have a boss. But it also gave me a purpose and was something which I could excel at and work towards. The internet, I later learned would be a good high paying career for an introvert like me. But before I could discover that, I had to go through some huge learning curves.

Luckily for me, I was pretty tenacious and patient. This is something many introverts are good at!

Careers For Introverts – The Internet

The internet for me was a means to avoid having a job. A job for me was something to be avoided. I spent so long going from one crappy job to another that having a job seemed to me like the worst possible scenario. I started with eBay and sold things from my house. From there I progressed to buying from eBay itself after trying out several sources of bargain goods. Initially though I would buy from car boot sales and charity shops and re-list the items I thought would make a profit on eBay.

I found an eBay system which I used for a while which I share in my article: how to start a profitable eBay business.

It was a ‘system’ which used a little hack which allowed me to find badly listed items for much less than they could sell for. It worked but it was time consuming and I was still struggling to make a good living from it. I bought an ebook from eBay which showed me the system I was using and this lit up a lightbulb in my mind! The purchasing of a digital product seemed to me like the perfect business model. It was a repeatable business model and you could sell the same product over and over. You had a global audience (through the internet) and the ability to automate the sale.

As high paying careers for introverts go, this seemed like it had some potential. Work from home or anywhere from a laptop. Sell digital products on autopilot over and over. I just had to make it work!

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High Paying Careers For Internet Geeks

I wasn’t an internet ‘geek’ and I had only sold and bought some items from eBay when I discovered this simple eBook selling idea. I started researching internet business models and looked into building my own eBooks to sell. After spending a lot of time on it, I learned how limited my understanding was of an internet based business. I didn’t sell any of my eBooks and quickly abandoned the idea. However, I found a business model called affiliate marketing which led me to pursue a different kind of online business.

Affiliate marketing is basically the promotion and selling of other people’s products over the internet. Anyone can be an affiliate. Just sign up to an affiliate program and you can promote products and services through an affiliate ‘link’. If a sale comes from your specific link, you earn a commission. Depending on the item you choose to sell, you can make 40%+ commissions on each item you sell.

This stuck me as the same system that was being used when I bought the eBook. Except I didn’t need to create my own product with affiliate marketing. I could choose products which were already selling on the internet and send customers directly to those products.

High Paying Careers For Introverts?

Initially this wasn’t at all high paying. Affiliate marketing is performance based. This means if you don’t make any sales, you don’t get paid! Not great if you don’t know what you’re doing – like I didn’t! However, my perseverance paid off eventually. Because affiliate marketing lets you work from anywhere without a boss, I was highly motivated to learn it.

I figured that if I could just earn what I needed to live, it would give me a reason to keep going. Juggling various jobs around learning wasn’t easy, but the idea that affiliate marketing could also be automated and scaled also was a massive incentive for me.

I studied several courses which taught affiliate marketing basics and struggled along for a while, not really getting anywhere.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing High Paid?

high paying careers for introverts

Firstly affiliate marketing is performance based. This means not everyone will get the same results no matter how hard they try. Most give up in their first year. For the few who continue at it there are great rewards. This is because while at first your income level will be zero, as time goes on your income will grow. Once you have automated systems set up you can continue to earn from things you have done previously.

Earnings come from your affiliate products so it is wise to choose the best products which will also give you the best chance of success. What I didn’t know about affiliate marketing in the early days would have saved me a heap of time and money. Knowledge therefore is worth paying for because it will ultimately help you make better decisions when building your own internet business.

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