High Paying Affiliate Programs

When you’re looking at high paying affiliate programs it’s important not only to look at the sale price of a single item, but the back end products too. Not every affiliate program will reward you for later sales generated by the company. Most in fact don’t do this. The affiliate company knows that gaining a customer could mean multiple sales over and over for years. This is the customer loyalty factor which many affiliates don’t consider.

Consider someone who shops at B&Q or some kind of home stores shop. They go in for the first time and find that they like the store. Many affiliates act as ‘introducers’ for that kind of customer. B&Q reward the affiliate once but the store gains a loyal customer who could go on to spend in the store over and over for many years. So the inital payment to the affiliate is almost negligable. The affiliate then goes on to look for more customers.

If, as an affiliate you attach yourself to a product or products which offers affiliate commissions further down the line, this is a much better proposition. Some high paying affiliate programs do offer this kind of incentive. They pay you for up-sells made later on by the company for customers you introduced.

High Paying Affiliate Programs – Up-Selling

high ticket affiliate products

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Up-selling is the process of selling items to people who have already bought something. Stores know the value in this. Look at the McDonalds sales model: “Do you want fries with that?”. For every purchase accross every McDonalds in the world the stores have a ‘captive’ audience. McDonalds knows that a certain percentage of people will naturally “go large” or get the fries or the drink where they previously never thought to. This means more profit for the business. When you consider the amount of McDonalds stores this means millions more in profit for them.

A good affiliate company will also extend this offer to include affiliates too. Some will even close these sales on your behalf. This might even be years later when a customer chooses to upgrade or buy another product through the company you referred them to. When looking at high paying affiliate programs make sure yours does this. It could mean a lot more profit later down the line once you have referred someone.

High Paying Affiliate Programs – High Ticket Products

high paying affiliate programs

High ‘Ticket’ simply means a higher value product. By choosing and selling higher ticket items online you can obviously make a larger commission, particularly on digital products. Larger commissions are good in several ways:

  • They obviously give you more profit per sale
  • They can help offset advertising costs meaning you can use paid advertising more efficiently.
  • You can scale more easily to earn the higher amounts

For along time I focused only on items priced around the $100 mark. With digital products this meant I made a commission of around 40% or $40 per sale. By choosing and selling items valued at $2000+ you can obviously make a larger commission. But do people really but these products? Yes they do! Remember to factor in that the internet is global. Even though common sense dictates that more people can afford a $100 product than a $1000 product, it all depends on your target audience and the value you offer.

All things being equal you can do the same amount of work online to sell a $1000 product as to sell a $100 product. So why not sell the higher ticket item?

High Paying Affiliate Programs – Memberships

Remember when looking at high paying affiliate programs to also factor in the ongoing income from your sales. By choosing membership products you not only earn commissions on a single sale but you also earn monthly commissions from each sale. Providing your members continue their membership, you continue to earn a residual commission every month for their custom. This is a vital strategy for top affiliates. They not only choose high paying affiliate programs, but they also look at selling membership products. A membership product could be a website hosting, an autoresponder membership or any other training or software package.

Memberships are definitely the products to choose if you intend to make a living from the internet.

High Paying Affiliate Programs – Range Of Products

High paying affiliate programs offer more value than low paying ones. People are prepared to pay more for more value. If something is already done for you, and less work is needed, it is worth more to people. Not many people want to spend $20,000 on something which they buy online. However, it all depends on how much value it gives them. By choosing products and services which offer more and more value to existing customers, you can earn money later on from events, upgrades and other various attached products and services.

Starting with a basic level product, a good sales funnel will have a range of products which offer more and more value. Not everyone will want them of course but many high paying affiliate programs offer a range of products set up just like this. As someone enters the sales funnel they are offered the basic level product. At each stage of their purchase they are offered the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ to a product which offers greater value. Let’s use the example of an internet business.

high paying affiliate programs

Basic Level Internet Business

A basic level entry product could be an internet training program. Before offering the program a good sales funnel will give away some freeby to show a potential customer the value in it. Once inside the funnel more products are offered. With each purchase an extra level of value will be offered.

Higher Value Equals Higher Price

For each level more value is given. For example you might start with some training at a basic entry level price. If you want a ready made affiliate website with a range of pre-built products this will be the next price range. After that products like more training, personal training, foreign events and 1 to 1 training will follow. Each level of product is tailored to give more and more value. Learn more about high paying affiliate products which offer:

  • High ticket sales
  • Up-sells which are closed by a built in sales team
  • Membership products
  • Training, education and an online community.

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