Good Blog Name Ideas

Good Blog Name Ideas

A good blog name expresses the idea of your blog quickly and succinctly. Ideally it should be the same or similar to your domain name and should leave open the possibility of blogging about pretty much anything you want to include.

Don’t be too specific

Don’t be too niche in your blog name or you will limit your blog to only what that title includes. For example if you want to blog about anything and everything related to animals you shouldn’t call your blog ‘dog grooming for beginners’! Try to choose a name which captures the essence of what you intend to blog about and doesn’t limit you. Similarly you shouldn’t be too general and a good blog title will suggest what that specific blog is about. Being too general will leave no clue as to what your blog is about.

Domain name generators

You can use a domain name generator such as and type in your main keyword. The search tool will help you come up with domains which include your main keyword but you can also use this tool equally to help you find  good blog name ideas.

Good Blog Title Ideas

If you’re looking for a few good blog title ideas then here are a few helpful tips to get your creativity flowing! It can often be a difficult task to come up with a good blog name. A good place to start is the Google Keyword Planner which can give you a few suggestions based around a keyword which you enter into the planner. Start with a topic of your choosing which is ideally based around something which you have an interest in or experience of, that way you should find writing your blog fairly easy and not too taxing. If you’re trying to write about something which you have no clue about and in which you have no interest, you will find it all the more difficult and be more likely to give up blogging.

So to start with enter a keyword into the planner and click on ‘get ideas’ at the bottom. blog ideas


Then click on the keyword ideas tab at the top for a list of related keywords. This will then give you a list of terms which have already been searched for in Google. Although the name for this blog has appeared with only a few monthly searches “good blog name ideas”, the competition for this search term is fairly low and so I might well rank in Google for this blog title and therefore may get some visits through the Google search engine. To find out how competitive a keyword is place it in “quotation marks” in the Google search bar and click search. You should get a number come up with the results. Anything less than 20,000 is reasonably achievable to rank but this also depends on other factors like a site’s authority.

keyword ideas

Grab your visitors attention

However a good blog name isn’t necessarily determined simply by the search engine. You want to grab your visitors attention with your blog title. Often you will be drawn in by titles such as “The one key step to overcoming weight problems”, or “10 ways to double your website traffic”. Engaging titles like these tell your visitor exactly what they will get when landing on your article. If you have an article in mind and are unsure of the title, asking a specific question which you article answers is a great way to find your perfect blog name.

Perfect questions, perfect answers

Good, engaging blogs often answer questions. If you are struggling with a title ask yourself some pertinent questions about what you are trying to write about. What do people often ask you about your business? Answer it with your blog!

Use Google

Google is a great tool not just for searching for specific answers but to spark your own creativity when creating your own blogs. If you’re looking for a good name for your blog try ‘Google-ing’ for a similar blog. What would you type in the search bar? Read some other articles which have already been written for ideas.

Hopefully this blog has helped you think of some good blog name ideas and also ideas for your blog titles. It’s much easier and more rewarding to write about the things which you are passionate about than anything else – so write for yourself and keep blogging!


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