Getting Back On Track

Controlling your inner state of mind is a valuable asset especially when you are working by yourself. You can find yourself in a downward spiral of thought processes which only further fuels your inactivity. I have found myself in such a state many times when working alone on my internet business. Often it can be through indecision or uncertainty as to which direction to take which stalls your progress. This same indecision effects your environment and your business. Your environment reflects back your inner state and reinforces your inner ‘reality’.

If you find yourself in such a state, trapped in indecision and inactivity, look at your environment. Does it reflect a tranquil and peaceful place of inspiration and productive activity? Or does it signify confusion, frustration and indecision?

As I am writing this my room reflects my inner state of confusion and uncertainty over which direction to take in life. I feel overwhelmed by indecision and at the multiple possibilities which I am faced with. I am juggling various different roles and feeling like my spinning plates are crashing to the ground – since I have too many of them.

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All of this is of course completely in my mind but this then reflects into my life. Juggling careers, starting down a new path and deciding which direction in life to take is all a bit much if you think about it all at once. Putting it in bite sized chunks and taking one step at a time is a better way to organize and consolidate things.

Today I am starting down a new path and am involved in the 30 day Elite Challenge in order to motivate myself (and others) and move my online business forwards. I am forever grateful to Oliver Mallory who has been awesome, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek for this opportunity and the invaluable training including this challenge of course, and the entire SFM team.

 I am doing this challenge because lately I feel my life has been slipping out of my control as work and other commitments have taken priority over my life and without realizing, I have handed over control of my life – in larger part to money, or the need for money. I have reacted to events and circumstances which I am then drawn into rather than deciding first what I really want. I have become controlled by my job and my current ‘lifestyle’ is not making me happy.



I know this challenge will indeed be a challenge for me but I recognize that I do need the help and a bit of a kick up the backside at times. I will also be meditating on a daily basis throughout this challenge to help organize and de-clutter my mind as I know this is an amazing practice and can effect huge changes when done regularly.

In defense of my messy room which I have tidied during writing this article I have recently bought this house and am redecorating the kitchen. New one coming soon!

Good luck to everyone else on this challenge!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I know that sometimes opening up might make us feel vulnerable but in the bright side I believe it is a healthy exercise to let go of our fears and accept the blessing in our life. I wish you success in your new SFM career!

  2. Lovely post Tim! We have all been there … actually, I will speak for myself alone. I have been there. A massive well done to you for stepping up and taking part in the challenge. It can only improve our skill sets eh? and cultivate new habits for our businesses. Here is to your success! Good luck and thanks for posting!

  3. Great Article Tim! I think everyone can more or less relate to this. It almost seems like we need to do this weekly, force ourselves to re-prioritise and refocus. Our actions seem to move away from our goals so easily… Thanks for Posting!

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