Get Rich Quick Schemes That Work

I was always on the hunt for get rich quick schemes that work! I tried all of them over the years. From stuffing envelopes, Forex trading to making money with ebay, Kleeneze, Amway and then on to online affiliate marketing. You name it I tried it! But are there really any get rich quick schemes that actually work?

Get Rich Quick Schemes That Work

get rich quick schemes that work

There are certainly hundreds on online ‘guru’s’ who claim this is the case. Affiliate marketing, for example is probably one of the best models you can use to ‘get rich quick’. However, even though top affiliates make huge amounts from their online businesses, it has often taken them years to learn how to do. Even though an automated income system can be set up and scaled up, it takes time to build.

The ‘know how’ which affiliates use to scale their businesses has taken them years to understand. It’s true that some affilaites come in to the business and immediately ‘get it’ and have huge success. However, the ones who do this are incredibly focused and in many cases have money in order to invest in the first place. They invest in a good business model, their own education and in paid advertising. 

Get Rich Quick Schemes That Actually Work

A sclable internet business is probably one of the fastest models you can use to build income quickly. Don’t misunderstand though. It takes time effort and money to get the ball rolling. There’s a few advantages to an internet based business which don’t apply to ‘working for a living’. Working as most people look at it involved trading time for money. If you want to ‘get rich quick’ you need to stop trading time for money. 

An internet business offers anyone this opportunity: to start a business model which doesn’t involve trading time for money. Not that it’s a get rich quick scheme. It can be but the time it takes will depend on your ability to learn an implement that knowledge and your own personal situation. If you have money to put into online advertising, your business can grow much faster than if you solely focus on free advertising (or content generation).

Fast Money Schemes

get rich quick schemes that work

If you’re serious about making money online, don’t expect it to all happen overnight. Top affiliates make thousands every week because they have spent time and energy using a business model which allows them leverage. You can’t ever make this kind of money by trading your time for money. 

Fast money ‘schemes’ which profess to enable you to  ‘get rich quick’ usually attempt to entice you in with claims of large earnings. After a while of working hard on something, you realise it’s not the full story. In many cases the product you bought in the first place is the only thing making money – for its owner, not you!

Get Rich Quick Ideas

Getting rich quick is a bit of a false promise. Do you really want get rich quick schemes that work? What will you do with all that money? Do you really need it? If getting rich the ultimate goal of life? What will you do with your life once you have achieved your riches? Many lottery winners find they lose their identity and become depressed. They often lose all their money (and friends) because they can’t cope with their new life. Many millionaires commit suicide. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but for many rich people their journey takes them away from what they loved about life the most.

Aligning With Your Values

get rich quick schemes that work

Aligning yourself with your true values in life is much better than simply getting rich. Material objects can never bring lasting satisfaction in life no matter how attractive they may seem when we can’t have them. Chasing a dream of being rich can often cut you off from what you love, people who care about you and your genuine self.

By aligning with your true values you can spend each day happy and content while working on what matters to you. Being in line with your true values and living your truth is far better than being unhappy while working towards making a lot of money. ‘Get rich quick schemes that work’ may lead you to wealth, but it is also better to get there in a way which is conducive to your happiness too, rather than working for a finite goal.

Hating Your Job

get rich quick schemes that work

Being unhappy in your job is a good example of this. Even if your job made you rich would you still pursue it knowing how unhappy it is making you? Aligning with your true values means finding a way to be happy right now, while working on your dreams too.

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