How To Get Laser Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Laser targeted traffic means that traffic is very specific to the products and services you offer. There’s no point in sending random people to your website. Most visitors don’t buy. So why waste time and effort in just sending browsers to your website? Most won’t buy anyway so you should spend you time on focusing on laser targeted traffic.

Laser Targeted Traffic

There’s a few ways to get laser targeted traffic to your website. The quickest and easiest is to do pay per click. With pay per click advertising you only pay each time someone clicks on your link. So you want those people to be buyers and not tyre kickers. Tyre kickers want something for nothing, or at best they just want some ‘tit bit’ of free information from you. Focus on buyer intent, not just as many visits as possible.

An example:

You sell apples, specifically you sell Bramley apples. And you only sell them in Bingley, in Yorkshire. So your advert should only focus on people looking for bramley apples in Bingley. This sound obvious, but it can be easy to set up an ad campaign and create an advert which focuses on the keywords “apples in yorkshire” for example.

Yorkshire is the county where you will find Bingley. However, not everyone in Yorkshire is prepared to travel to Bingley for their apples. Also, they might want Golden Delicious apples, and not Bramley apples. In which case you will be paying to send people to your business, who don’t really want what you are selling.

You will find phrase, broad and exact match keywords on Google’s advertising platform Adwords. A phrase match will match your phrase with other words attached to the search query. Let’s say you use “Bramley Apples Bingley” as a phrase match. This means someone can see your advert i they type in “how much are Bramley apples Bingley”, or “cheapest Bramley apples Bingley”. As you can see, you may still get some people finding your advert, only to have a browse.

Focus on buyer intent in your paid adverts, and you will get a higher return on investment for each campaign.

Cheap Targeted Website Traffic

how to get laser targeted traffic to your website

Paid Advertising

Getting cheap targeted website traffic to your website can be done with both paid advertising and with ‘free’ advertising. Using the example of Google’s adwords above, you can get cheap clicks to your adverts by improving your click through rate.

By creating a single advert for each keyword you can laser target your landing page, advert and keywords to match and be congruent. This results in a larger click through rate. You can also find untapped and less competitive keywords by using the Google Keyword Planner. The most expensive keywords are relatively competitive. Choose longer tail and less competitive keywords to spend less for each click.

‘Free Advertising’

Free advertising takes a little more time and energy and doesn’t have the obvious scalable benefit which paid for advertising does. However, you can still get cheap targeted website traffic using a few different methods.

  • Content Creation – Writing blogs and creating video is a great way to get your audience to see you. However, you also need to share this content, and don’t rely on Google to rank you either. Ranking content takes time and it must be good, useful content. You can use the keyword research planner and find long tail keywords which are less competitive than their shorter counterparts. See my book Niche Blogging For Profit for more on this.
  • Blog/Forum Commenting – Finding blogs and forums within your business niche is a good way of finding potential customers. The topic must be within your business niche, or you will be talking to the wrong audience. You need to well define your customer avatar. Learn who your audience is before finding relating blogs and forums. See why target market is important.

More Free Advertising Methods For Laser Targeted Traffic

  • Guest Blogging – Another popular way to build links back to your website is by writing a guest blog on someone’s website. Find suitable websites and blogs in your area which ideally rank on Google for your keywords. They should at the very least have a following or an audience which is in line with your products and services. Again, unless they are a focused audience your traffic won’t be laser targeted.
  • YouTube – As well as posting useful and informative videos on YouTube you can also take advantage of their massive community by commenting on other videos and getting involved in discussion. Make sure again that the videos you are leaving comments (and therefore also your link) on, are targeted visitors. Ask yourself whether your perfect customer would be watching such a video. Also choose popular videos with a lot of views. People can see your comments, click through to your profile and go to your website. So make sure you properly fill out your profile so they can do this.
  • Link Building – Link building is an important part of increasing the reach of your website, both through traffic from those links and Google’s ranking of your site on the search engine. Ideally your link profile should be a natural one which builds over time and is linked to from trusted quality sites which reflect the interest of your ideal customers. This is why creating quality content is so important. People won’t link to rubbish.

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts

Remember that not all traffic will covert into sales. You need to buy targeted traffic that converts with your paid advertising campaigns. This means using negative keywords to eliminate the ‘tyre kickers’, using the right ‘buyer’ keywords which are specific to a buyers intent to purchase your offering.  Not all traffic will convert, especially new visitors are less likely to buy than someone who knows you. This is why building a list is the best way to increase sales and control your traffic.

Traffic on its own won’t make more sales. It needs to be laser targeted traffic which you convert into a laser targeted list. There are a few reasons why you need to build a list of subscribers.

  • A website visitor only has a few minutes to decide to buy
  • An email subscriber is given more opportunities to buy over days, months and years.

Also, by having a list you can keep in touch with your potential customer. You control when you communicate and you’re not relying on search engines, paid advertising or forum links either. You get the opportunity to build a relationship with your subscriber. You can build trust and this will lead to more sales over the long term.

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