Future Proof Careers

Robots and technology won’t be able to replace those in future proof careers which will stand the test of time. For many roles however, this is the case. So before choosing your career path, make certain it will still exist in 10 years time! Roles within the technology sector are some of those listed in the latest report of The UK Commission For Employment and Skills (UKCES). Jobs such as mechanical engineers and software developers are those cited in their 26 page careers of the future report.

Future Proof Careers – Technology and The Digital Economy

As you can see in the chart below, the digital economy is growing. If you have ever bought something from the internet, you will know why. You can get things quicker, cheaper and delivered straight to your door the very next day. You can browse online and find exactly what you want with minimum fuss and hassle. It’s only going to get better. Already Amazon are delivering within hours of purchase and even by drone in some areas. You can buy on your phone with a couple of clicks too! Look at the chart which shows E-commerce sales as percentage of total retail sales in the US. Given this trend continues, what would e-commerce sales look like in 20 years time, or 30?

future proof careers


Future Proof Careers – How Can We Use This Technology?

Technology is putting people out of jobs and closing stores which can’t compete with the online business model. However there is an up side. We can also benefit from this trend. Those who’s jobs are under threat from the rise in the digital economy can also use the technology to their advantage. In fact there are many who now have replaced their incomes and are full time online marketers. The technology which replaces jobs can also allow anyone to build a full time internet based business, and bring freedom and flexibility to their lives.

An Online Business

future proof careers
Future Proof Careers

The benefits of an online business far outweigh the obvious ability to replace or create a sustainable income. Technology now allows anyone to reach a global audience from their laptop. This means there is a huge amount of leverage in the online business model. Tools and systems can create automation which lets you have more freedom and flexibility in your life while earning money and having your online business run in the background. See autopilot money making system for a more in depth look at how this works.

Future Proof Careers – Access An Education Platform

You can start your online business training here with a free video series. An online business education will give you the ability to use online advertising platforms to sell anything globally. By using digital products and services you can automate the delivery of content and products and create a flexible lifestyle business which can fit around other commitments. You can also build an internet business up over time, working it around another job until it completely replaces your income. Learn more and access training here.

Future Proof Careers

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