Future Online Business Ideas

There’s a whole heap of future online business ideas that anyone can do! The future is online! From eBay to affiliate marketing to drop shipping, and online stores and blogs. Anyone can benefit from learning some new skills and taking them online.

I first looked to making some extra money online by buying and selling on the massive auction site eBay. eBay only opened its doors in 1995. Since then many people have already used the auction site to build businesses.

future online business ideas

Future Online Business Ideas – Ebay

The idea of tapping into a global marketplace was first made possible (for the masses) through eBay. eBay lets anyone set up a ‘stall’ and sell from their front room! It’s an amazing opportunity. I started selling items from my house and then moved on to buying and selling from charity shops, car boot sales and other auction websites. Eventually I found a little business model which took advantage of badly listed items for sale.

future online business ideas

Items which were misspelled, tended to sell for much lower than than their worth. I thought this was a great idea and so started using a clever business system which I share here.

However, before long I saw the limitations to this business model. It wasn’t scalable and I was ‘trapped’ by it! I couldn’t sell it either! So I looked for a business model which could be automated and which gave me more freedom!

Future Online Business Ideas – Affiliate Marketing

After various attempts at selling my own products, I found a business model called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a kind of referral marketing. You can refer customers to almost any product on the internet and earn commissions for their sale. Your links are tracked so that if a sale comes from your website or advert, you earn a commission on a product.

future online business ideas

Affiliate marketing seemed like the perfect business model. You could work where and when you chose and build up your business around existing work. The main problem was making it pay. In the early days it was just a ‘hobby’ business really. I was ‘playing’ with it. I later learned how many people were actually giving up their jobs and doing this full time.

Affiliate marketing lets you build systems and structure into an online business which can later be scaled up and automated. If the right structures, products and systems are in place, you can scale up quite easily as you start to generate profit. If you’re focused on the wrong activities though, you can end up spiralling into a black hole and achieving nothing!

I learned this lesson the hard way but was lucky enough (and stubborn enough) to continue and find a mentor. 

Future Online Business Ideas – Why My ‘Why’ Kept Me Going

Most people will give up on an online business long before they see any results. I kept going because I ‘saw’ the potential of a business system which could be automated and scaled up! I first had the idea of an automated online business after buying an eBook. The eBay system I shared earlier was in fact a system I found through this eBook. I had bought it from eBay through a sales page and was able to download it instantly! This, I thought, was magic. It was going to be the future of online businesses. 

future online business ideas

The best future online business ideas were automated and could also be scaled. They would work 24 hours a day, running on the internet selling digital products. Digital products were best because they could be sent automatically. No postage, manufacturing or storage costs were involved once the products were made. Affiliate marketing allows anyone to market digital products and earn commissions from their sales using automation and the internet.

I knew this was the business of the future! Anyone can buy products over the internet. If you sold those products you could automate the sales and create a business which not only could be scaled to a global audience, but also give you more freedom and flexibility in your life. Knowing this kept me going through all the struggles and failure of trying to build an online business.

Future Online Business Ideas – Not Trading Time For Money

Being your own boss and leveraging the power of others are two reasons why people go into business. A business can create worth and make more money than by simply trading time for money. Bricks and mortar businesses have limitations which online business don’t have. An online business, selling digital products, can sell to a global audience. It can do this without a massive workforce and without having to invest in business premises.

future online business ideas

An online business has flexibility and freedom built in. Traditional businesses demand your time continually. Online businesses can take advantage of tools and systems which can automate to business process. You can sell digital products over the internet on complete autopilot. This means anyone can learn how to stop trading time for money, without the need for their own business premises or a team of staff.

Not trading time for money is a mental shift before it is a physical shift. We have mostly been programmed into thinking that we need to sell our time. This locks us into our jobs and careers. Now that there is an alternative, more people are waking up to the potential of automated online businesses.

Start Your Own Online Business

Anyone can start an online business and quickly learn the basics. You don’t need to be tech savvy either and anyone can do this whatever their age.

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