Free Targeted Traffic Software

How can marketers benefit from free targeted traffic software? A great program which I share in the video below allows you to target your potential market using a program called allows you to use other people’s articles to promote your landing page or website. This is a very useful way to generate leads into your sales funnel. If you don’t yet have a sales funnel or online business take a look at this video and sign up for the free video series.

The 80/20 Rule

In an ideal world you would create all of your own material. You would write interesting articles which you can then share on social media for your target audience. However, article writing is a long and laborious process. It takes time to write your own articles. Not that you shouldn’t do this, you should. However using this little hack will save you a tonne of time. Remember the 80/20 principle? In short 80% of your results comes from only 20% of your activities. So it is well worth concentrating on your most productive activities, rather than your most time consuming ones. Pareto’s principle is talked about in this article on productivity.

Free Trageted Traffic Software

free targeted traffic software

So using this little concept allows you to ‘piggy back’ on some of the most talked about articles. Those articles which are going round on social media. Share them with your friends/contacts through social media. Firstly go to a site called Type in a keyword or phrase which is relative to your ideal customer’s needs. For example I would type ‘productivity’, ‘online business’, ‘self employment’ or something along those lines. My ideal visitor would be interested in these kinds of topics since I am looking for entrepreneurs or affiliate marketers. This will bring up the most looked at articles currently appearing on social media. Copy the url of an article you want to share and head over to to create your link.

Use Popular And Already Shared Articles

You will need a account. It is free for a basic account. Use your url link to create a link by pasting it into your ‘snip’ field in your desktop. (Check the video below for details).

You can now paste this new link into your social media accounts. When someone clicks on the article, your banner will appear at the bottom of the page, leading the visitor to a website or page of your choosing. You can also use a website called Buffer allows you to syndicate articles at certain times across multiple social media platforms. This is a great time saver and allows you to queue articles and content. You can set them to be sent out at the best possible times for maximum effect. Check out the video below which explain the process:

Piggy Backing From Top Leaders In Your Industry

Both these free targeted traffic software platforms are super cool for a number of reasons. is great because you can use it in conjunction with Buzzsumo basically tells you all the top trending articles which are being shared all over the internet on social media.

Of course it would be great to create your own content which gets these numbers of shares but not everyone is willing or able to do this. allows you to ‘side’ with the ‘big boys’ and piggy back from their status and profile. When someone sees your link at the bottom of a major website contributor you get instant status!

People see an industry leader and ‘heavy weight’ website and instantly give more credibility to your link at the bottom of the page. Get them to opt-in to your email list with a tempting freebie! If you don’t already have a sales funnel, website or range of products to promote you can get them all here together with the training and education platform to take your internet business to the next level!

Free Targeted Traffic Software – Summary is a great piece of free targeted traffic software.  Buffer is a great tool and one I use frequently. With Buffer you can save a tonne of time and effort by collecting all your social media profiles together on one platform.

free targeted traffic software

Instead of going to all of your social media platforms and sharing your content one by one, use buffer to paste one link into the platform and share accross multiple platforms. It also allows you to delay posting your articles or stagnate them. This means you can queue up your posts to be sent out accross social media at a time designated by you. is a superb platform for regular bloggers and works perfectly in conjunction with and

Access My Ebook Niche Blogging

Free targeted traffic can also come directly from the search engines. Simply using Google’s own search tool the keyword planner. This is a great free tool and if you don’t know how to use it you can download my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit which will show you. The keyword planner is a great little tool which you can use to find untapped keywords to rank your articles for. Ideally choose long tail keywords with little or no competition. In my guide I show you how to find these gems. The more you use the planner the more you will find.

YouTube Search Bar

Another undervalued free targeted traffic software is YouTube. By using the search bar in YouTube you can begin to type keywords which relate to your business niche. As you do YouTube will give you keyword suggestions. Have a look at long term keyword combinations on YouTube and see how many videos are competing for the top place. By doing a little research you can upload some videos of your own and have them rank well for your chosen keywords. Take a look at this article (how to use YouTube for marketing) which explains more about how you can rank videos on youtube.

If you don’t already have a sales funnel, landing pages, series of high ticket products and services to promote online , access a full online training course here which has everything you need to build a profitable online business.

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