Free Affiliate Marketing Training Course Online

Are you looking for a free affiliate marketing training course online? You can sign up for a free trial here to learn more. Affiliate marketing has to be one of the best business models available today.

Affiliate marketing allows anyone to make money selling other people’s products over the internet. More than that it also lets you earn money independently of an employer, work from anywhere and be your own boss. But unless you do it right, affiliate marketing can be a frustrating experience.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Course Online – Training

free affiliate marketing training course online

Getting the right education first is well worth your time. Many affiliates rush in without the proper know-how and make big mistakes. I did this too when I first started out several years ago. I rushed in with high hopes and little knowledge. Luckily for me I was tenacious enough and patient enough to keep going through the tough times. Knowing the right path to take will save you a lot of time and wasted energy.

There are many paths with affiliate marketing and in this article I will attempt to illustrate the best one to make a success of it. When I started out I made lots of mistakes. The first mistake was rushing in with little of no knowledge, something you can avoid by accessing this free trial and getting the right knowledge.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Course – Education

Unfortunately education is not a sexy word! Most people are more interested in money! However, by educating yourself first as to what works with affiliate marketing and what doesn’t, you will start off on a much better footing than by rushing in. For example, when I strarted out I was completely unaware of the power of choosing membership products to sell.

Membership products such as website hosting and autoresponder software offer monthly commissions. As an affiliate marketer your income potential is much greater when you choose products which offer this benefit. Membership products give you the potential to earn money continually from previous sales. Just knowing this fact can give you a much clearer view of what affiliate marketing can offer.

Because I didn’t understand this when I started out with affiliate marketing, I made choices which didn’t pay off. I chose single point of sale products which didn’t offer monthly commissions. I would only make a commission on the initial sale.

free affiliate marketing training course online

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Affiliate Marketing – Other Things To Consider

So, membership products can help an affiliate turn their affiliate business into a viable opportunity. Of course there is much more to affiliate marketing than the business model you choose. But before we even go into generating sales and traffic methods let’s look further at what a good business model looks like for an affiliate marketer.

Memberships – As already mentioned membership products give you a much more sustainable business model as an affiliate. Even if you don’t make any sales one month, previous sales will bring you an income from subscription commissions.

Up-sells – Some affiliate marketing products will also reward you for later sales closed by the product owners. If you were the affiliate to refer the customer initially, you also make commissions on back end sales. Back end sales are another fantastic way to earn more through affiliate marketing. In the case of many products you might sell online, you only make a commission based on the inital sale. By choosing product which offer back end commissions you are increasing your opportunities to earn more comissions.

High Ticket Products – Not all affiliate products are equal. It took me years to understand this. Some physical products only offer a small commission to affiliates. Digital products tend to pay better. (40-50% of the sale price). By choosing high ticket digital products you can also make larger commissions at the front end (for the initial sale).

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Free Affiliate Marketing Training Course Online – Traffic

So, having the right business model in place before starting your affiliate business will give you much more chance of success. However, you still need to sell these products and this means getting traffic to your offers. Many affilaite training courses will give you all the tools and software to start quickly and together with the training this will get you off to a good start. Once you have your business model in place you will need to generate traffic. A steady and growing stream of well targeted visitors to your website or landing pages will bring sales.

You can get people to your products in several ways but the main categories are:

Paid advertising – Through Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, Bing, Yahoo and the various other social media platforms available.

‘Free’ advertisng – So called ‘free’ advertising can take a lot of time because it generally involves creating content and ‘ranking’ either on Google or YouTube (in the case of video).

Both methods should enable you to send visitors to a landing page and collect their email address.

The Power Of Email Marketing

free affiliate marketing training course online

Email marketing is much more powerful than trying to sell to people through a website alone. With a website, a visitor only has 10 minutes or so to decide to buy (or leave). Once you have a visitors email address you have much more opportunity to sell to them because you can continue to build a relationship for potentially years to come.

So in the case of paid advertising particularly, you should always send traffic to a landing page to collect their email. A landing page is a specific web page designed to give a visitor two choices: either sign up for more information or leave the page.

Email is also a great form of marketing because it allow you to build a relationship with your subscribers. Over time and by giving value through emails you can build a relationship of trust with your subscribers. This is particularly important in the online world where trust is a rare commodity!

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