Franchise Opportunities Under 10k

Looking for franchise opportunities under 10k ? Have you considered an internet based business? A growing number of people are using the internet to build businesses straight from their laptops and with an internet based business you can work from home or anywhere globally. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Partner with an online training and education company and earn up to 50% on referrals. You can also learn all aspects of building an online business with an online training platform and a community of internet based entrepreneurs.

franchise opportunities under 10k

Franchise Opportunities Under 10K – A Laptop Based Business

The digital economy is growing and as people wake up to this opportunity they are looking for a means to change their lifestyles by creating a flexible lifestyle business. A business which can be run from a laptop is incredibly flexible. In addition, by selling digital products online the whole process of selling and delivering items can be completely automated.

This means no stock to be held and you don’t even have to speak to customers personally. The whole process of selling online can be automated and scaled.

Franchise opportunities under 10k can also be physical franchises with a physical ‘bricks and mortar’ type business. But there are a few advantages to having a digital business over the traditional type of business.

Digital Business Vs. Traditional Franchise Opportunities

franchise opportunities under 10k

A digital business can be:

  • run from anywhere,
  • there is no stock to store and
  • there is no need for staff
  • is global – has a global audience/customer potential

A traditional business has:

  • a physical location,
  • needs to buy in stock and
  • employ a team of staff
  • Is limited to locality (unless expanding with a website)

Franchise Opportunities Under 10K – Earn £1000 per sale

With many online businesses you sell digital or physical products an earn a commission based on your sale. By selling high ticket products you earn much higher commissions but you also increase your ability to scale a business into the multiple figure income brackets. With small ticket items this is much more difficult because you need to sell many more items to do so.

Franchise Opportunities Under 10k
Franchise Opportunities Under 10k

Franchise Opportunities Under 10K – Automate Much Of The Process

An online franchise business can allow you to work remotely from anywhere but also to automate much of the selling process. Because the selling is done through websites and emails; once the process is set up it can run largely by itself. There is of course work to be done in ‘tweeking’ the process but on the whole your adverts and landing pages and automated emails can do the selling and promotion for you. This has huge advantages and implications:

  • First of all this gives you the ability to scale the business using online marketing platforms.
  • It also means you can continue to generate profit from your business without continually working on it.
  • This means you can create a more flexible lifestyle around your online business.
  • Depending on your situation and budget you can work part time or full time.
  • You can build your online business around existing employment.

Start A Profitable Internet Based Business

You can get started today here with a 30 day free trial. You will get access to the franchise opportunity, an online education platform and to coaches and mentors who you can talk to about any aspect of the business. Access today and get started.

Affiliate Marketing & An Affiliate Franchise

Anyone can start an affiliate marketing business without having to buy into a franchise. So why buy an affiliate marketing franchise? This franchise gives you more than the basic affiliate markeing products can. With most affiliate products you simply promote them and earn a commission. With digital products it is normally around 40% commission. The problem is you have to keep selling the same products over and over and you don’t earn any residual commissions.

The real secret of affiliate marketing is to sell subscriptions. By selling subscription products you earn again and again from each individual sale. This soon adds up to a nice passive income.

In addition to subscription products which mean you can earn for the lifetime of a customer, you can also benefit from various other benefits, depending on where you place yourself in the franchise. At the top end you can benefit from multi-tier commissions. This means you earn from the sales of your team, like with multi-level marketing. You can also earn the highest commissions on high ticket products which range up to $20,000. That means you can earn $8000 on a single sale. Here is a run down of the major benefits of using this digital business system:

  • Benefit from a training and education platform
  • Access a community
  • Access High ticket products you can sell
  • subscription based affiliate products
  • Built in sales team closing sales on your behalf.
  • Up-sell products to existing customers.

Don’t Trade Time For Money

Any business which you can scale means you don’t need to keep trading time for money. Trading time for money means you need to keep working in order to make money. With an online business you can use systems, tools and digital products and scale up to reach more people. With an online business the work you have done previously can let you earn money. You can also scale up with paid advertising.

Learn how to build an online business and stop trading time for money!

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