Flexi Hours Jobs

Are you looking for flexi hours jobs? or escape the city jobs? Jobs with flexible hours are hard to come by especially if you are working for an employer. Even if you’ve got a great boss, there’s usually a limit to how flexible a job can be. For a long time I was looking for the perfect flexible job to work around a career in the film industry as a stunt performer. I had a number of part time jobs over several years and eventually turned to the internet to find the perfect flexible work at home job, having found that jobs with flexible work schedules were just too difficult to come by.

I needed a flexible job that I could pick up and drop when needed and which wouldn’t get in the way of other work when it came up.

E-Bay Business

I started with an e-bay business buying and selling on the massive auction site. Check out my misspelled ebay auctions guide and my ebay local bargain finder guide for more information. After a while of doing this, although it was very flexible, I had a room full of stock and wasn’t much better off for all the hard work! I looked to the internet for a simpler and less cluttered way of making money from the internet.

flexi hours jobs

Affiliate Marketing

I bought a few courses and learned a number of new skills turning my attention to affiliate marketing. Affiliates sell other people’s products through websites, adverts and blogs. There is no dealing with any customers and many of the products I continue to sell are automated and instantly accessible. This has made affiliate marketing my top choice for flexi hours jobs of all the ones I have tried. Access this affiliate course today and get started.

What Makes Affiliate Marketing So Flexible?

As an affiliate you simply create content and send visitors to products. You can earn up to 40% of a product’s value with each sale and if you sell membership courses and high ticket products it all adds up to a nice income trickle which, when you have put the work in, comes in even when you are logged off the computer. The great thing is there is no stock to hold and you’re not doing any direct selling or talking to customers. You can work from anywhere with an internet connection and a laptop.

flexi hours jobs

Flexi Hours Jobs Or Online Business?

Although you can make a ‘job’ from affiliate marketing it is a ‘business’ and as such you have to make sales before you get paid. In a regular job you get paid however your employer’s business does, simply by turning up. In a business, and especially an affiliate business there is some learning and work to be done before you can really call it a job – that pays you on a regular basis. As such it is best to have a regular income while you build it up and keep hold of your current employment before calling it your ‘job’. However affiliate marketing does enable you to be more flexibe than the average ‘flexi hours jobs’ allow.

How To Get Started Online

Before I made any money online I did a lot of research, bought a lot of courses and spent a lot of money. Save yourself the hassle of trying to do it all on your own and a heap of time too. Get first class instruction from the outset and your journey will be much quicker than mine! Join an online community which teaches all the necessary elements of building a successful affiliate marketing business.

My Mistakes

Now is the best time to start and much of the elements of an online business are now automated or done for you: see done for you internet business. I learned from trial and error and  built websites from scratch, created my own products and found out the hard way what simply doesn’t work. I wasted a heap of time doing things the wrong way. Don’t make the same mistake. Get access to a digital membership platform which teaches all the necessary elements of building your own successful online enterprise.  Start here.

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