Fast Track Business Opportunity

This fast track business opportunity gives you a fully made sales funnel and range of digital products.  You simply need to promote your link once the business system is set up. This means you can promote your link, get people through a sales funnel and profit from the sale of digital products. But how does a fast track business opportunity like this actually work?

Fast Track Business Opportunity

fast track business opportunity

When I started looking to the internet as a means to earn a living several years ago I tried everything. I learned how to build websites from scratch, find affiliate products to sell and get traffic to my sites. Most of the time I spent could have been saved had I found a ‘fast track’ business opportunity like this one.

To build a profitable online business you need products to sell and the knowledge to sell them. Getting the right products is key and so is getting the right education from the start. It can save you heaps of time and money. I struggled to get traffic to my websites. Traffic is key to building a sustainable online business. I struggled to make continual sales because of a lack of website traffic. Traffic and sales are the key to making an online business work. But you also need the right business model if it is to be sustainable.

The main key to a fast track business opportunity is the business model and its ability to teach you to follow a proven online business system.

Online Business System

fast track business opportunity

A simple online business system lets you sell other people’s products for a commission. You can sell digital products which the ‘vendor’ (owner) puts on the marketplace. You, as the ‘affiliate’ (marketer), earn commissions based on sales made by you. With digital products you can earn up to 40% of the market cost of any given item.

That’s because with digital products there’s very little in the way of costs involved. With physical products, there are more costs in terms of storage, postage and manufacture. With digital products there are far fewer costs. Delivery can be done over the internet instantaneously and automatically, and with zero costs. There are no storage costs either for digital products since they can be stored digitally on a computer or hard drive.

An example of a digital product might be an ebook. You can pay for and download an ebook automatically. It’s a ‘hands off’ business model.

A Good Business Model

fast track business opportunity

In the case of an ebook you can set up a webpage to promote and sell your ebook. Delivery is automated and so is online payment. You can also promote your webpage with online advertising and scale up once you have a profitable model in place. This is the crux of an online business system. However, an ebook is only a small digital product and as such it can only earn you a small commission for each sale. A good business model also allow you to earn in various other ways:

  • Through high ticket items – High ticket products let you earn larger commissions per sale
  • Through customer loyalty – Membership products and subscriptions allow you to earn continually from recurring commissions for each of your customers.
  • Through up-selling – ‘Do you want fries with that’ is a business model which works. There’s a reason why McDonald’s trains its staff to say this after each purchase.

A good business model allows you to earn regularly from existing customers, from additional sales made by an ‘in house’ sales team and from high ticket products.

Automation Means Scalable

fast track business opportunity

Like the ebook example above, a good online business model should also be automated. This means you can more easily scale it up with online advertising. Scaling an online business is much simpler than scaling a physcial type of business. With a physcial ‘bricks and mortar’ type of business there are many logistical problems with scaling up. Your time is a factor if you work in your business.

Staff and employees need to be constantly re-trained for changing work environments and building premises need to be changed in order to grow a physcial business. Plus, with a physcial business your location is often a limiting factor. Your customer base is limited by your location in many cases.

All these factors mean that growing a phyical business is much harder than growing a digital online business. A digital online business, catering to the global marketplace has a global customer base, can be automated and easily scaled up with online advertising.

Fast Track Business Opportunity – Getting Started

You can get started with a free video series which will explain more about the opportunity. Access an online digital business platform from any of the links in the follow up emails. Once inside you can access a sales funnel which has pre-built products and emails.

There is a step by step modular course which talks you through the setting up process. Once finished you will have a fully functional sales funnel with all the products, emails and landing pages in place. You can also setup a website which is pre-built with your affiliate links in place. Once this is done you need to promote your website, affiliate links and/or landing pages. The online education platform will explain how to start your advertising campaign and get your sales funnel going.

Advertising Your Affiliate Business

There are various ways to promote your links, website and landing pages and send people through your sales funnel. You can set up automated advertising campaigns which run 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Keep adjusting your campaigns until you can see a profitable model and then increase your budget and scale.

Alternatively you can create content and build traffic with your website. This takes longer but of course is cheaper. Doing both content marketing and online advertising is a good way to bring in both organic traffic and paid for traffic to your sales funnel. The fastest way to grow your online business is through paid for advertising. By continually improving your advertising campaigns and using multiple channels to advertise, you can scale up your business much more quickly than by creating content alone.

Learn more and get started with your own fast track business opportunity here.

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