Examples Of Lifestyle Businesses

Looking for examples of lifestyle businesses?  A lifestyle business can be anything really but what we mean usually is a business which either gives you a certain type of lifestyle or one which allows you to live in a certain way. For example, being a scuba diving instructor might give you a nice lifestyle of socializing and working abroad with lots of diving. However, it won’t necessarily finance a luxury cruise or a world tour.

Other lifestyle businesses might include jobs where you can travel such as a tour guide or travel agent. Travel agents get to travel abroad very cheaply but work when they do. Flight attendants also get to travel abroad a lot and get travel discounts. However, they have to do their job while they travel! These kinds of jobs allow a certain lifestyle but are not really lifestyle businesses.

examples of lifestyle businesses

Examples Of Lifestyle Businesses – The Ideal Lifestyle

The ideal lifestyle business is different for everyone. Some might want a backpackers job picking fruit in some exotic country whereas for many this would be their worst nightmare. For me, the idea of a lifestyle business means a ‘business’ where you choose what you do and where you go. Entrepreneurs get to choose where they spend their time, what they do and who they spend their time with. Being tied to a job often means that your lifestyle must evolve around that job.

A Digital Lifestyle

The digital economy is growing fast and as time goes by more people than ever are subscribing to it in one way or another. We can now buy almost anything we want from our mobile phones and get it delivered to our houses. In addition, it can be sent at a fraction of the cost you would pay in the high street. The closure of many high street shops is testimony to this: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/mar/16/uk-high-streets-more-shops-close-than-open-net-closures

This new trend can be a good thing though. Many people are turning to the internet as a means to make a living. And why shouldn’t they? An internet business offers a completely flexible lifestyle business. Of all the examples of lifestyle businesses, an online business offers the most amount of freedom and flexibility. Anyone can now work anywhere from a laptop – proving they can access an internet connection.

examples of lifestyle businesses

An Online Business – What’s Involved?

So what’s involved in an online business? How can someone run a successful business from a laptop? There are many online business models which can allow you to do this. Some people run drop shipping businesses, buy and sell from ebay or even sell their own skills or products from the internet. Of of the main benefits of an internet business is you have an instant global reach. By using online advertising platforms, website and emails, you can reach and connect with a huge audience. The affiliate marketing model means you can promote and sell other people’s products for commissions.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to sell products on the internet which are delivered by other people or instantly through the internet via websites and emails. This allows many of the processes of selling to be automated. Customers services, selling, checkout and even sales calls can be done for you – see done for you internet business. Finding the right business model is half the battle when it comes to affiliate marketing. You need to concentrate on what works or you can spend a huge amount of time chasing your tail.

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examples of lifestyle businesses

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