Established Websites For Sale With Profits

Is it possible to buy established websites for sale with profits? Take a look at sites like Empireflippers and Flippa and you will soon see that this is entirely possible.

However, you have to pay out a lot of cash for sites with a proven monthly profit. The more profit a site makes, the larger the price tag attached to it. Looking at a website on Empireflippers which generates just short of $8000 a month, it has a price tag of nearly $200,000.

If you don’t have this kind of cash you need to look at less well paying websites. is where you’ll find cheaper established websites for sale with profits. You can bid on a profiatble ecomerce website on Flippa from anywhere between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars. Keep in mind that the less you have to spend the less poriftable your website is likely to be.

Established Websites For Sale With Profits

Don’t expect much if you only want to pay a few hundred for a website. Why would anyone sell a profitable website anyway. This is worth keeping in mind. Although a website may have had a profitable month once, it doesn’t necessarily mean they make that amount every month. A website which generates $1000’s a month isn’t going to be sold for less than its worth.

For the less profitable websites in particular, there will be a certain amount of upkeep required to maintain their income and to grow it. Websites left alone can dwindle and a profitable website doesn’t always stay that way. Do your due dilligence when looking at established websites for sale with profits.

Alternative Avenues – White Label Websites/Affiliate Sites

established websites for sale with profits

If you don’t want to risk thousands on buying a website you can buy a pre-made business model. This is basically a ‘white-label’ pluging which pays you for sales which you generate from your website. You can ‘piggy back’ products and services and promote them yourself from a push and play type website which is pre-populated. However, these aren’t ‘already profitable’ websites. You will need to advertise and promote them to earn commissions based on your sales.

There are advantages to this kind of website though:

  • It is cheaper to join this kind of program than to buy a profitable website
  • You can work on the business yourself
  • You can buy a business model which has already proved itself
  • You can buy products which give you ongoing profits for each sale.

Ongoing profits from products means you choose to sell membership products rather than single sale affilaite products. Membership products can give you a monthly income, rather than just a basic commission from each sale.

Access this online training program and you can get:

  • High Ticket products to sell through your own easy set up website
  • Membership products to earn from
  • A built in sales team closing sales on your behalf
  • Marketing training to help you grow your online business.

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