Established Turnkey Websites For Sale

Are you looking for established turnkey websites for sale? A turnkey website can be set up very quicly which already has a proven business model behind it. But what exactly do you get with an established turnkey website though?

Established Turnkey Websites For Sale

established turnkey websites for sale

With established turnkey websites you get to purchase an existing business model with a fully working website. What you don’t get is an instant income. You still have to generate sales through your website which means building content and/or generating paid traffic to your website to earn revenue.

The good thing about an established business model is that all of the landing pages, emails and businesss tools are at your disposal. You can simply use products which  have already been created. Plus you can earn 50% commission on many products which you can sell.

Established Online Business For Sale

Buying an established business model is the fastest method of starting an online business. Without doing so you will need your own products, landing pages, websites and to learn how to do everything. Learning online marketing is the most imporatant aspect of running an established online business. If you buy an established online business you simply have the means to earn but you still need to drive traffic to your website to make it work. No-one will give you a profitable business straight away without any work, at least not unless you’re prepared to part with a large amount of cash.

If an website generates $500 a month, what price tag would you you put on it? It might continue to bring in $500 a month for ever more. This kind of online business would have a pretty hefty price tag attached to it. ‘White label’ websites are effectively established businesses which you can promote and earn a comission from. These are basically affiliate websites who pay you a commission to sell their products or service.

Established Turnkey Websites For Sale – Training

established turnkey websites for sale

You can get an established turnkey website here and learn how to build it into a profitable internet business. Here’s what you will get:

  • Ready made ‘plug and play’ website with high ticket affiliate programs attached with your affiliate I.D
  • Pre-made landing pages to build a list of subscribers
  • Pre-built email list with products attached
  • Access to your own list
  • Tools, training and education to make your online business a success

You can also access a comunity of online entrepreneurs who are able to help and support you build your online business.

Established Turnkey Websites For Sale – What This Is Not

An established turnkey website for sale is not an instant income. Most established turnkey websites for sale are simply offering an affiliate business model with products attached. This means you can benefit from an existing business model, rather than attempt to build and sell your own products. Affiliate models can offer up to 50% commission on sales. In addition, if you choose a model which offers:

  • Monthly commissions for memberships
  • High Ticket Commissions
  • Built in sales team
  • A range of Up-sell products form which you benefit

your chances of success increase. Selling only single item products means you don’t benefot from all of the above.

Learn more and access a free video series here.

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