Established Franchises For Sale

Are you looking for established franchises for sale? Most franchises are not easily scalable and automated. They require business premesis, staff and equipment before you even get started. An online business franchise, on the other hand, offers automation and scalability. With a global audience you can sell internationally and build your business from a laptop.

As the digital ecconomy grows, so does the number of people looking to capitalise on the freedom and flexibility offered by an online business. This is a massive market and one which is worth catering for.

Established Franchises For Sale – An Online Business


The Six Figure Mentors is an online business platform which offers education and training for people seeking to build their own online business.  The business model also offer the ability to partner with the company. This means for the higher level franchise you can earn 40% commission on sales of high ticket items. A $20,000 sale, for example can earn you $8000 in one single transaction.

If this seems like a tall order, think again. Remember you’re dealing with a global audience. More expensive items offer more value. When it comes to an online business many people are willing to spend more for more value. If you decide ‘go it alone’ and build an online business by yourself, you will need to set up a website, buy a hosting and then build a sales funnel. This all takes time and energy. That’s before you have any products too.

established franchises for sale

Or you can purchase a fully functional sales funnel backed up by a built in sales team and range of high ticket products.

For those who want an online business fast and don’t have the time to start building everything themselves, the price for this is well worth the time and effort they will save.

Established Franchises For Sale

Established franchises for sale charge to buy the rights to use a proven business model. After that, you have to build your business around that model. With an internet business, as with any franchise, what you bring to your business will largely determine how successful it will become. For many, they have no clue as to how to build an internet based business. That’s where an online education platform comes in.

Everyone who starts this business model has to go through the training modules to learn not only how to build the business technically, but also how to develop the mindset of an online entrepreneur.

This is a business model and online learning and education platform which you can promote in your own right. As a franchisee, you can promote this business model and earn commissions from its sale.

The Power Of A Scalable Online Business Model


The internet has the ability to reach a global audience with any products and services you choose to sell. By targeting specific interests, locations and various other demographics, anyone can use online advertising platforms to sell anything over the internet. The skill to do this can allow freedom from employment and the ability to live anywhere globally and work from a laptop. It can also allow anyone to build and scale a profitable online business.

Affiliate Marketing and Established Franchises For Sale

established franchises for sale

Affiliate marketing is in simple terms the ability to get paid for referring people to products and services. The SFM works by successfully combining affiliate marketing, an online education platform and a community of online entrepreneurs.

The business model works because of a number of strategies which aren’t typical of every affiliate product. Most affiliate products pay you once for the initial sale. After that you have simply passed the customer to the product owner, who may make later sales at their discretion, without paying you again. With The SFM your initial sale can continue to earn you income from a number of other income streams:

  • Subscriptions
  • Up-sells
  • Multi-tier sales

All these are closed by a built in sales team too (after your initial referral), so this makes it a very simple system.

Affiliate Marketing And Subscriptions

established franchises for sale

Subscriptions are the key to longivity with an online business. Top affiliate marketers advocate choosing products which offer continued commissions on an ongoing basis. This business model offers much more sustainability than by only selling single commission products. A single sale, for example, might make you $40. Subscription products however, can earn you $40 every month for the lifestime of a customer.

Established Franchises For Sale – High Ticket Commission Affiliate Products

Not all affiliate products are equal. High ticket products again offer more stability when starting an online business. A small priced item might only earn you $40. Typically, digital affiliate products can earn you 40% commission. So a $100 item can earn you $40 for a sale.

High ticket items priced at $1000, for example, can earn you commissions of $400 per sale. So to earn $10,000 you would either need to sell 25 of the high ticket items or 250 of the small value item. As you can see, the higher priced item would be better to choose when aiming at higher incomes. Scaling an online business up is also much easier with high ticket items.

Access an established franchise which has successfully combined an affiliate marketing business model with a range of high ticket items, an online education platform and a community of online entrepreneurs. Click here to access the video series and learn more. 

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