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Are you looking for an ebay bargain finder? There’s a few strategies for finding bargains on ebay and one of which is by using an ebay bargain finder. Using this tool means you can capitalize on the many items listed on the auction site, which have been badly spelled, incorrectly listed or simply listed badly without using the best keywords. Here’s a few websites which offer the tool:

  • http://www.bargainchecker.com/
  • http://www.localbargainfinder.com/
  • http://www.fatfingers.co.uk/
  • https://www.baycrazy.com/
  • http://www.missing-auctions.com/

Ebay Bargain Finder – Why This Works

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Most people when listing an item use the title for the main keywords of their item in the heading of their listing. This is how they get people to find their goodies. However, some people are listing items in a hurry and misspell their items title. This means very few people will see the item. When there are literally millions of items floating about on ebay, a badly spelled item will never be seen in some cases. This is where the misspell tool comes in handy.

Let’s use an example. Let’s say someone lists an old diamond for sale on ebay. People looking for diamonds will type that exact word into the ebay search bar. However, it will never bring up the incorrectly spelled listing if it is listed as “daimond” or “dimond” for example. These little gems are floating around on ebay ready for the bargain hunter to pounce!

Ebay Bargain Finder – Criteria For Bargains

I successfully used this strategy to find items and then re-list them with a better title, more keywords in the title,  better pictures and description. It’s not always just the misspelled items which are a bargain. Sometimes there simply aren’t enough keywords in the title to attract enough bidders to push the price up. One word titles also attract less bidders because people find items with different search terms. To list correctly you must use as many search terms as possible in your title, to attract the most bidders.

Finding a misspelled item doesn’t mean you necessarily have found a bargain. There may be other snipers out there looking at the same ‘bargain’. You also need your item to have been listed with an auction formatted price. Some items have a fixed price and in most cases this means it’s not a bargain. You can narrow down your search by clicking the auction only tab in the search results. This will remove the “buy it now” listings.

Ebay Bargain Finder – Best Items To Find

I found the best items to find were items which could be sent through the post at little cost, but which also offered a high enough price to make a profit on. These tended to be electrical items like mobile phones and designer branded gear. However there are thousands of items listed and if you know about antiques, records or books, you can do well in these or any area too. Any lightweight item with a high value would make a suitable item to search for really.

Ebay Bargain Finder – Using Auction Sniper

Having found your bargain item on ebay, the worst thing you could do is start bidding immediately for it. The only reason you would do this is to secure the price on it. A seller can’t change the listings title or price if there has already been a bid on it. If you leave it until the last minute the seller might notice their mistake and relist their item. So if there are no bids on your bargain, it’s definitely worth putting the lowest amount on it, if it’s a bargain.

Once you have found your bargain you don’t want to push up the price and enter a bidding war with other bidders. This is what the seller wants but not what you want! You should instead use the auction sniper tool here. Auction Sniper lets you choose your maximum price and the tool will bid up to it on your behalf in the last few seconds of the auction. This works because it doesn’t allow time for other bidder to react to your bids – unless of course they use the tool too!

Ebay Bargain Finder – How To Use Ebay To Check An Item’s Value

Often, you won’t know whether an item will sell for a higher price than it is listed. A good way to determine whether something is worth bidding on is to use the advanced search on ebay’s search platform. Simply click this button and type in your products main keywords. Scroll down and tick the box which says completed listings.

ebay bargain finder

This will then tell you not only what the items listed for this title have sold for, but also how many have been sold and unsold. This is useful information. Only choose to bid on bargains which you stand to profit from by a good margin. Otherwise you will be wasting your time and end up with a room full of unsold stock.

ebay bargain finder

Ebay Bargain Finder – Re-listing Your Items

This strategy works but only if you do it right. You want to find items which are not getting found at bargain prices, buy them and then re-list and have them found by many bidders. Obviously this can be a little hard for those who have had to sell you something for less than its worth. Because of this, it is worth having another e-bay account so you can avoid this problem, but it’s not completely necessary.

When relisting your item you should make sure you are not misspelling anything yourself obviously. But you should also use better pictures, a better description and more keyword targeted terms in your title. If information is missing from your listing, bidders won’t always send a question. Rather they will go and bid somewhere else. So make sure all information is included – even problems or scratches etc. It is much better to be honest and not have bad feedback or returned items.

Ebay Bargain Finder Local

Again, using the advanced search tool on the ebay website, you can narrow down any search to include only those items listed within a certain distance to your address. This is especially powerful when used in conjunction with heavy objects which are difficult to post. Items such as bicycles, cars, weights benches and the like can be found with these searches at great prices simply because the demand of them is so low. Not many people are looking for items to collect in your area, at the time of the listing. I’ve found some great bargains over the years using this method.

ebay bargain finder local

Ebay Ending Now No Bids

You can also use the advanced search tool to find auctions ending soon and you can specify the number of bids. This is another great way to find bargains on ebay. Some items haven’t been bid on for several reasons. ebay ending now no bids


Maybe they are badly listed, sellers have low feedback rating, or there simply wasn’t a buyer at the time which suited the listing. You can also use these links to take advantage of these kinds of listings:

  • https://www.baycrazy.com/rightnow
  • http://www.99pbids.co.uk/
  • http://pages.ebay.co.uk/endingsoon/

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