Done For You Marketing Funnel

If you’re looking for a done for you marketing funnel, look no further! A ‘done for you’ marketing funnel has a range of digital products for you to sell. Digital products offer a much higher commission rate – up to 40% and even higher on some products. That’s why so many marketers choose to sell digital products online.

Done For You Marketing Funnel

Selling digital products through a done for you marketing funnel is probably the fastest way to start an online business. Simply set up the funnel and start advertising your landing page. Take a look at this video to see just how simply you can set up your own customised website. You can set up your done for you marketing funnel in a few simple steps too. Simply follow the step by step modules in this digital business system. Start here.

You will access an online digital platform and you can set up your website, connect it to your marketing funnel and autoresponder – an automated email software. This can all be done in a few simple steps and within a few days you can have a done for you marketing funnel, a customized website and a range of products to sell through your email list.

Done For You Marketing Funnel

The ‘done for you marketing funnel’ consists of a range of ready built emails which you can ‘plug in’ to your email list once you’re into the back office. Take a free tour of this business system and get started by signing up for the email series here.

Once the system is set up, you have a ready made marketing funnel. You simply need to promote your landing pages and website once this is all done. You will also be able to get all the necessary marketing training with this platform.

Within your marketing funnel is a range of high ticket products. Like any good marketing funnel this starts off with a low value item or a ‘giveaway’. Each additional step in the marketing funnel has more valuable products within it. For example, the initial ‘giveaway’ product is this free video series.

Once inside the funnel you can access the digital business platform. If you want more value there is a product which can make your life easier. This is the model of a typical successful sales funnel. Some people want the basic level option, but many others will want the higher level products which offer more value.

Here’s an example of the first level product you can promote in you sales funnel. It’s the video series you can access here.

done for you marketing funnel

Done For You Marketing Funnel

Here’s a few of the products which your done for you marketing funnel will promote. As you can see, some of these products have a subscription fee attached to them. This is great for you because you can earn affiliate commissions from previous sales month after month. A good marketing funnel should promote products which have:

  • A range of products offering various levels of value
  • A good starting product which is useful and desirable
  • High ticket products – so you can earn higher commissions
  • Multi-level commissions – Higher level ‘buy ins’ let you earn from your team
  • A built in sales team closes sales on your behalf.
  • A community of people on hand to help

done for you marketing funnel

Done For You Marketing Funnel – Affiliate Marketing

As you can see this isn’t just any marketing funnel. Each product is an affiliate product which means you can promote it and earn commissions from the sales. Once your system is set up, your affiliate links are included in everything in your website and sales funnel. That means all your sales are identified through your unique affiliate code. Sales are closed by the built in sales team and automated website landing pages. You only need to refer customers through your sales funnel in order to make sales.

To do this you need to advertise your website and landing pages once everything is set up. Because of the automation involved this business model is very scalable. As you send more and more targeted visitors through your sales funnel, you will start to make sales. Each sale is followed up by the built in sales team. Any later sales attributed to the customer you initially referred are credited to your account. You only need to refer the inital customer to benefit from lifetime sales.

This also depends on your positioning in the marketing model. For example, you can benefit from large ticket sales of up to $8000 on a sale. However, you can only earn 40% comissions on a sale of $20,000 if you position yourself as a founder member. Take a look at the chart below which better explains the commission set up in this business model.

Marketing Your Sales Funnel

Your funnel consists of a landing page and a follow up series of emails leading your subscribers to a range of products. Although your funnel does much of the marketing for you, you still need to get people to it, in order to start selling the digital products within the funnel itself.

Once you have everything set up, this is just a matter of sending people to your landing pages and website. With this digital business system, you can access a range of landing pages which are already set up. You can also build your own customisable landing pages too.

To market your sales funnel, there are several strategies which you can use. The online platform and community has a number of video training resources you can access plus live webinars and events to keep you learning all the various online advertising formats.

done for you marketing funnel

You can also access my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing which will give you an overview of many of the paid for and some free marketing methods you can use to promote your done for you marketing funnel.

Access this digital business system here to get started building your done for you marketing funnel. See also done for you internet business, done for you affiliate marketing and done for you sales funnel.

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