Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The key question is not “does affiliate marketing work?” but, “can I make affiliate marketing work for me?”, or even better “how will I make affiliate marketing work for me?”.

There are millions of affiliates worldwide who are trying to answer these questions by working online in the hope that they can eventually give up their day job and go full time online with their affiliate marketing business.

Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Some will make it happen and some will give up. Which one will you be? 

Affiliate marketing does work for some, there is no doubt. However there will also be thousands of struggling affiliates who will fail to make even a part time living out of their affiliate business. Why?

It comes down to knowledge and the application of that knowledge. Business owners, in general, fail not because their business fails to improve but because they fail to improve themselves. This is particularly true of an internet business because it is often something that is worked on by an individual – alone.

By working alone you can free yourself of a boss, regular working hours, schedules and meetings but if you fail to make money from your business then your efforts are fruitless.

By failing to improve your knowledge of the business you are in you are limiting yourself to the level of your knowledge – whatever that may be. Your results are the milestone with which you should measure your success. Affiliate marketing is a performance based business. Without making sales you’ll not make it a viable business. It’s also a rather different business than most. And this requires a different approach.

Online training courses

There are many online training courses available which promise to give you a ‘system’ to earn from the internet.  However one thing which struck a chord with me which came from one of my mentors Jay Kubassek is this: You can’t grow beyond your self image. This was an amazing piece of the jigsaw for me because I had been working online for quite some time when I found Jay and Stuart’s online community.

I had also ‘struggled’ for quite some time to make the internet and affiliate marketing work for me in a consistent manner. I had made a few affiliate sales here and there but never with any consistency. The problem, I admitted, must lie with me.

nuts and bolts

When I accepted this I decided to start again from the beginning and assume I knew nothing. I had learned a few key skills, could put up a website, could advertise, create content, upload video and find my way around most website platforms. But I still wasn’t achieving the kind of success that many talked about. I often wondered “does affiliate marketing work?” or is it just me?

Rest assured affiliate marketing does work but it doesn’t come easy. Like any new skill there is a time for learning and then a time to implement that learning. I spent far too much time on the wrong activities while I was learning in the early days. You should spend time on money producing activities. It is easy to waste away precious time on the internet with all the distractions that there are and then put that time down to “working on your business”. You need to value your time and focus only on those activities which will produce the biggest results in the shortest time.

Does Affiliate Marketing Work – You Need Discipline

This means you need to be disciplined with your time and actions while you are on your computer. Put Facebook away, stop checking your emails, ask yourself every minute : “Is what I am doing right now moving me forward or am I doing the unnecessary to avoid doing the important?”

You need to ask yourself a few important questions and be honest with your answers.

Do I know what I am doing?

What are my most important activities?

When will I know I am on track?

Success in affiliate marketing can be measured by your results but also by your activities. Don’t expect things to happen straight away. A successful marketer once told me not to look for results but at your activities. If you keep looking to your results and being disappointed, you will lose ground and motivation. Look instead to your actions and build on them slowly over time. When you make a habit out of doing your most important activities on a daily basis and look only to doing that to the best of your ability, your results will come soon enough.

Make a Diary Of Your Actions

For every day write a summary of your activities online. Over time you can look at them and see which activities are creating the most leverage in your business. Look into your actions. Are they generating the kind of results you really want? Is you daily activity in line with your long terms goals? If not then you need to look at what activities will create the goals and life you are really hoping to make out of your affiliate marketing enterprises.

Learn from the professionals. Having a mentor is definitely the best investment you can make when it comes to an online business and affiliate marketing. Learn from Stuart and Jay. Sign up for the free videos series which will talk you through the process of earning from affiliate marketing, changing your self image and overcoming your internal barriers to success.

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